Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

Game Settings

The UKLTA runs games across a number of different settings and which ones are 'in vogue' tends to vary over time. Most of the games we run are modern day or science fiction but we do stray into other genres from time to time.

We are not prescriptive about 'official' settings, quite the opposite. One-off games or 'high concept' events are welcome, especially at Dropzone the annual anthology event. We also have a number of commonly used settings that make for easy narrative touchstones and many players will have appropriate costumes, props and in some cases recurring characters for them.

As the UKLTA does not have an official 'campaign' most games do not include any form of 'downtime' or character progression, events are considered standalone deliberately to allow players to drop in/out of things as they wish.

High Frontier

High Frontier is a setting that posits a connection between many of the science fiction movies and television shows of the 80s and 90s. Taking the Alien/Aliens movies as the primary aesthetic, this is a future where corporate the malfeasance of Outland may also involve rogue Replicants or trophy hunting Predators.

Emulating the source material, often the games are structured with a team of corporate or scientific investigators accompanied by a team of marines.

PDFThe August 2019 edition of High Frontier Guidebook

Time Agency

From their secret base on the moon Io in the 27th Century, the Time Agency patrol the timelines to ensure that the true history is preserved. They are up against rogue time travellers, temporal anomalies, and transdimensional beings.

Through the use of Time Windows which can open in weak spots in the Web of Time, they send Agents and Operatives back through history to protect the established continuity all the while being careful to avoid the dangers of Paradox.

PDFThe January 2019 edition of Time Agency Guidebook

Fallen Days

Invasion! It is the near future and Earth has been conquered by alien invaders. Vastly outnumbered they used advanced forcefield technology to 'divide and conquer', breaking lines of command and control and picking off opposition. Now they are rarely seen and rely on collaborators and quislings, mostly in the form of 'Oversight', the paramilitary organisation that keeps humanity in check.

The alien tools of conquest also destroyed industry and commerce, people are hungry and angry. It is time for small bands of outlaws to rise up and fight back.

PDFFallen Days Rules Booklet v1.0


"After the Earth was used up..."

Goldrush is a setting based on the much loved TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity. Two campaigns were run, unusually for UKLTA, as explicitly linked series of games. These are now concluded but there is a possibility of a third set of games.

PDFGoldrush: In the Garden of the Winter Queen, a retrospective

PDFGoldrush: Player Guide V2.0

PDFGoldrush: The Rubicon Conspiracy, a retrospective

PDFGoldrush: Player Guide V1.4

Laundry Files

Set in the in the worlds of Charles Stross, this mixes very British-flavoured procedural investigation with occult and supernatural elements drawn partly from the Cthulhu mythos but also other myths and legends.

PDFThe Laundry Files Player Guidebook

PDFPACT handbook, magic in the Laudry Files

PDFPreviously in the Laundry Files

Blake's 7

The mighty Terran Empire rules with an iron fist, keeping the population of its many colony worlds in check with propaganda, mass surveillance and drug pacification. Any dissenters are first disgraced, then exiled, then hunted and killed.

Away from the colony worlds, things are stranger, groups of space pirates, cults, relics of ancient civilisations and gangland fiefdoms await!

Vault 52

At Dropzone 2015 there was a single day game set in the Post Apocalyptic world of the Fallout role-playing video game. The setting was the small township of Harmful Green and its mutated forest environs, situated somewhere west of Washington D.C. Capital Wasteland. Set in the year 2281, the events of the ‘Fallout 3’ and ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ main story lines are assumed to have taken place.

PDFFallout rules for Dropzone 2015


Against a background of mankind's fragile position in the Universe, the personnel of UNIT defend the Earth from threats both extraterrestrial and strange when a certain Doctor isn't on hand.

Wayward Sons

The world as we know it is stranger than we think. Creatures from myth and legend, both ancient and modern, are real and a danger to an unsuspecting world. Groups of Hunters and others in the know try to keep us safe while staying under the radar of Police and government inerference.