Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

General Rules

All participants must read the UKLTA General Rules. You signify your understanding of them by completing a booking form. Any behaviour that goes against the General Rules should be reported to a GM or other game organiser so action can be taken. Failure to adhere to any part of the General Rules may lead to you being asked to leave or not being allowed to attend future events.

Fair play

All LARP expects fair play from its participants. While UKLTA games rely on Laser-Tag equipment and less on player memory or knowledge to keep track in combat there are still rules related to its use you must follow.

Game organisers may choose to amend rule 5 and forbid un-aimed fire. Event crew will normally follow the same rules as players but game organisers are free to change things to even opposition and provide dramatic combat.


All players must carry a whistle in case of emergency. They are also used to signal the start and stop of play to players and crew.

Time In

One blast on a whistle (usually accompanied by call of “Time In”) indicates that the game is starting.

Time Out

Three long blasts on a whistle (usually accompanied by call of “Time Out”) indicates that the game has ended or paused.

Everyone should stop play and return to the starting area. If you're breaking for lunch etc. please remember where you were and what you were doing so you can return to it later. If, appropriate at final Time Out, congregate around the GM team for debrief.

Time Freeze

When a Time Freeze is called this represents an event happening instantaneously, so you should close your eyes and hum loudly until you hear the call to continue gameplay (Time In). Normally this is a local event not accompanied by a whistle.


Continuous blasts on whistles (or also cries of “Man Down” or "Woman Down") indicate that there is an emergency, typically an injury. Everyone should stop play and close on the whistle blower to offer aid. These are happily rare.

Obviously, do not use this signal in play except in an actual out-of-game emergency.