UKLTA Firefight

Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

Weekend Events

Throughout the year, UKLTA runs a number of weekend long LARP events. Players usually arrive during the Friday afternoon and early evening before play starts in the late evening and runs until Sunday lunchtime with breaks for meals and sleep.


The cost varies from game to game but is usually in the region of £50-£80 for a player with a discounted rate of £0-£40 for crew.

For insurance reasons, you must be a UKLTA member. This costs £5 for a single event or £10 for a year.


Games are run at a variety of outdoor locations throughout the UK. Details will be provided for each game on its event page.


All sites are accessible by car and we’re a friendly bunch, so if you need a lift from a nearby railway station or other place you can get to on public transport, that can be arranged. Please contact the game organiser in advance if you need a lift.


Most sites allow camping and many players bring a tent. The game schedules also allow enough time for players who want a more comfortable bed to stay at a nearby hotel.

If you would like some other arrangement (such as bringing a campervan) then please consult the game organiser.

What you should bring

You will need costume suitable for the character you are portraying. The event page for the game should provide more details.

Games do involve being outdoors and mud is not uncommon. A LARPer once said “verisimilitude ends at my feet”. You should consider sensible footwear, such as combat boots, for any character.

Plan your meals and bring anything you need to prepare them. You will need to check what options are available for a specific event. Any given event may or may not be catered, provide access to a kitchen, or allow cooking fires. There is usually time at meal breaks to go out for a take-away should you wish.

Most LARP events will see you spending several hours outdoors at a time, possibly being quite active. It is generally a good idea to carry something to drink (such as a water bottle you can attach to a belt or fit into a jacket pocket) and a snack with you.

You will need a DOT compatible sensor and a DOT or WOW compatible lasertag gun. Loan equipment can be arranged but please contact the game organiser in advance!


This is an example schedule for a weekend game. The specifics are likely to vary.

When What
Friday afternoon Players begin arriving, setting up, and socialising
evening Safety and game briefing followed by play
11pm-midnight End of session 1. Retire for more socialising and/or sleep.
Saturday 9am Briefings followed by play
12 noon Lunch
2pm Game resumes
6pm Dinner
8pm Game resumes
11pm-midnight End of session. Retire for more socialising and/or sleep.
Sunday 9am Briefings followed by play
Sunday 1pm End of game. Socialising and packing up.