UKLTA Firefight

Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

Dropzone 2020

22nd–25th May 2020

The 28th annual laser-tag LARP weekend returns for the late May bank holiday.


Booking is not currently open. Watch this space!


Elite Action Games
Henfold Ln


Time Title Organisers
Friday 8pm Welcome to Dropzone  
Friday 9pm Rocket Race James Barclay
Saturday 10am A New Dawn I Stephen Nash
Saturday 2pm A New Dawn II Stephen Nash
Saturday 6pm BBQ  
Saturday 8pm A New Dawn III Stephen Nash
Sunday 10am A New Dawn IV Stephen Nash
Sunday 2pm A New Dawn V Stephen Nash
Sunday 8pm A New Dawn VI Stephen Nash
Sunday 11pm Close  
Monday 11am Campers to be off site  


Rocket Race

The Cold War drags further on. America and Russia are scrambling to win the arms race. More missiles need more fuel but where will you find it?!

Costume Guidance

Players are encouraged to lean into 80s national sterotypes, but this isn't a game striving for authenticity.


There are no NPCs or other crew required.

Please contact James on Facebook or his amazing and very patient wife, Claire, by email at to arrange a role for yourself. You are welcome to express a preference for Team Soviet or Team USA but we will strive to balance the two team sizes!

There are a couple of roles designed with limited mobility in mind which are available on a first come, first served basis.

A New Dawn

The world has moved one step closer to midnight, the year is 2023. With several European countries in a state of civil war and the USA turning into an increasing isolationist state by recalling almost all of its peace keeping commitments, the outlook is grim. President Walken is currently challenging the US courts and constitution with regards to only being allowed two terms in office. This clear act to consolidate his hold has strangely had some positive response from some American people and has continued to split the opinions of the states.

While all this goes on in the USA, a meteor crashes into Italy, north of the Tiber river. Due to the ongoing civil war no scientific mission is allowed to visit the site and is mostly written off by the world governments due to other more pressing concerns. Two months after landing, satellites from several nations detect significant radioactive activity emitting from the unknown meteor at the impact site. It seems to be growing.

NATO, realising that this could potentially further destabilize the region and has potential to arm any number of rebel groups with dirty nuclear munitions, scrambles together a military team to move to secure the site. Several scientific groups offer to help the EU to study the impact site and even offer humanitarian aid with doctors to the war-torn Italy. Most of these groups see the chance to study something extra-terrestrial as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Other groups are government funded and are seeing what information can be gained from this new resource and if it will affect them. The US Base in North Italy, which has remarkably not been touched so far during the civil war, receives orders to prepare for a force of marines to also secure the site. They have orders to protect American scientists and any other “assets” they have in the region.

Player groups

US Marines

Proper Gung-ho Marines. Preferably a nice mix of strong government supporters and those who are doubtful of the president’s plans.

The marine group will include:

Costuming and equipment


Weapons: All.

NATO Soldiers

The Last hope of a crumbling Europe. Some of you have seen the strange civil unrest happening in eastern Europe, all of you are concerned that this is quickly going to end up on your front door.

The NATO group will include:

Costuming and equipment

EU standard camoflage patterns, MTP. Blacks and MuliCam are not suitable for this group.

Weapons: All.

Scientists & Doctors

The scientific group will include:

If you are on the scientific team, please nominate your own country of origin.

Costuming and equipment

Civilian-wear. Lab coats optional.

Weapons: Pistols, but only if accepted by the armed forces accompanying you.


Please contact Stephen Nash on Facebook or via email at if you are interested in taking on an NPC role.

Costuming and equipment

Civilian-wear & Blacks.


You can discuss this event on its Facebook event page. Be sure to mark yourself as interested or going to get alerts when there is news.