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Dropzone 2018: Invasion!

Friday 25th May to Monday 28th May 2018

The 26th annual laser-tag LARP weekend arrives at a new venue — Gunman Airsoft at Eversley — for the late May bank holiday. As always there will be a variety of games — this year taking the theme of Invasion.


You can use our online booking form.

Event Guide

You can download the event guide for more information.

Equipment & Costuming

Dropzone games require a DoT capable sensor and most games will require a laser-tag weapon and some type of costume. A number of sensors and weapons are available to hire, but please arrange that in advance through the Facebook event page. Check the details for specific games for their weapon and costuming needs.


All times are aproximate. More information about all the games can be found in the Dropzone Booklet.

Time Title Organisers
Friday 8pm Welcome to Dropzone Paul Watson
Friday 9pm Earth Has Fallen Eddy King
Saturday 10am Up from The Beach Chris Hannaford
Saturday 2pm Star Wars: Scum & Villainy James Barclay, Claire Barclay & Patrick Casey
Saturday 8pm Dead Space: Dark Horizons JR Griffiths
Sunday 10am Fallen Days Sue Lee, Andy Flood & Simon Clark
Sunday 11pm Close  

Earth Has Fallen

Set in the modern world, the Earth has been invaded from space. All major cities have been levelled and all military bases around the world are gone. No one has seen the invaders; at least no one that still lives.

Player roles

Survivors of the apocalypse.

Costume: Anything old, patched etc

NPC roles


Costume: Blacks

Up From The Beach

On the eve of this great adventure, I send my best wishes to every soldier in the Terran team. To us is given the honour of striking a blow for freedom which will live in history. And in the better days that lie ahead, the galaxy will speak with pride of our deeds

Field Marshall Foss, Commander Terran Expeditionary Force, on the eve of the drop assault on planet Gekara


The year is 2344. The Terran Federation has expanded from Earth in to the wider universe, and has made contact with many alien races. Some are friendly, but one alien species, the Proximan Empire, has proved to be hostile and aggressive. interstellar war broke out between the two civilisations in 2338. After 6 years of brutal conflict across many worlds, the Terran Star Fleet is finally advancing toward Proximan territory.

In its path is the small neutral planet of Gekara.

Trapped between the two warring civilisations, the Gekara face a difficult choice. But in the last 48 hours, they have finally declared that they will ally themselves with the Proximan Empire.

As a result, the Terran Federation has decided to mount a coup de main assault on Gekara to knock the small planet out of the war before they can mobilise their, albeit modest, armed forces to the Proximan side.

The Terran fleet enters hyperspace en route to Gekara.

On board the cruiser TSS Montgomery, soldiers of the Borcetshire Light Infantry Regiment (Airmobile) prepare for the coming assault landing.

H-Hour / D-Day will be 10:00 Zulu on May 26 2344. Prepare to drop.

Game Details

‘Up From The Beach’ Is an SF Live Role-Playing game set in a military conflict environment.

It will feature both significant combat and role-playing situations.

Player Character Roles

More complete rules for character generation and skills usage will be available online closer to the event. The Montgomery task force consists of:

1st Bn, Borcetshire Light Infantry Regt. (Airmobile)

The BLI has a long and noble history in the annals of Terran warfare, and so it’s no surprise to find them in the vanguard of this pacification.The majority of player roles will be for these human Infantry who are tasked with the invasion of Gekara.

Players who wish to volunteer for command roles are welcome.

Costume: Camo / Future Soldier. (Multicam/MTP if possible). Helmets, Body Armour, and as much full battle rattle as you wish, (and can stand up in). Extra Hit Points will be added for armour.

Weapons: Any.

253rd Civil Affairs Battalion (3-4 Players max)

A military unit consisting of translators, cultural specialists and Intelligence Officers.Their job is to help the BLI by working with civil authorities and civilian populations in the area of operations to lessen the impact of military operations on them during peace, contingency operations and declared war.

Costume: Camo / Blue / Green clothing, (it’s possible some civilian specialists have been drafted in). Helmets and body armour may be worn.

Weapons: Sidearms are issued to the unit, and you may if you wish carry one for self defence purposes.

Other Characters

If you’ve got an idea, contact me on Facebook.

NPC Crew.

I could really use at least 12 NPCs. A variety of role-playing roles are available, both combat and non-combat related.

Costume: Black base costume, plus extras TBA.

No Rebels, Jedi or Sith!

Please complete this questionaire if you plan on participating in this game.

Character Creation

Hit Points
Location Bonus Hits
Chest / Body 2
Helmet 1
Arms (pair) 1
Legs (pair) 1
Weapon Max damage
Pistol 1
Assault Rifle 2
Shotgun / Sniper Rifle 3*

* High powered weapons may only be taken with explicit permission from the GM. Ask in advance of Dropzone if you want to take a 3 point weapon.


You begin the game with one med pack per crew. Additional med packs can be obtained during the game (e.g. via trade).

Each player begins the game with 500 credits. These may be spent or given to other members of your crew before the game starts or kept for use during the game. Remember: Information is valuable and some people will have it for sale.

Item Price
Pistol 100c
Rifle 200c
Chest / Body armour 200c
Helmet 100c
Arm armour (pair) 100c
Leg armour (pair) 100c
Med pack 150c

The greater your Bounty, the greater your status, but will you be turned in?

Dead Space: Dark Horizons

With the artifact fragment lost previously it is decided to keep all survivors from that particular mission be put into isolation given the events that led up to the loss of space station 'The Sprawl'.

With this in mind, the USG Ishimura II (successor to the Ishimura and equal in size) cannot take any risks. It will not be deployed until after the newly selected planet has been scoured for any and all evidence of Markers or evidence of ground works dating back some 200 years. Both items have resulted in the losses of three planet-crack vessels and as such no risks will be taken on this mission.

Due to the strained relations between the Church or Unitology and EarthGov at present, there will be a cap-limit on Unitologists on board the USG IShimura II at 1/3 ratio maximum. Even if they did pay for most of the ship. This ratio will be enforced in all vessels to ensure that such problems do not occur again.

Destination: Planet Kuros (Located in the next system over to Aegis 7)

Initial surveys have noted large deposits of mineral-rich ores. Original estimations have placed the mineral count at 3.5 tonnes per 10 tonnes, much higher than previous missions making this a prime mining operations planet.

The mining colony (Kuros One) present on the planet has nearly finished its two-year operation to prepare the planet and the survey has found no evidence of anything related to Markers present.

Status Update:

Kuros One ceased all communication up to a month ago and so far as we can establish it seems a debris field has crossed between us and them resulting in a blackout. This has made EarthGov less than eager to deploy USG Ishimura II which leads us to you. Your crew aboard the USG Halham will be approaching Kuros to establish a safe flight path for Ishimura II and to ensure that all is well with the colony.

Consider this a cautionary measure as we do not expect anything to go wrong, but given recent events, all precautions must be taken.

Positions (on a count of 24+ people)

Planetside Miners (6+)

Attire: Overalls

Weapons: Pistols (Plasma cutter)

Planetside Colonists/Scientists (6+)

Attire: Casual clothing (scientists get provided white lab coat)

Weapons: Pistols (Plasma cutter)

Ship Crew (6+)

Attire: Greens Weapons: Pistols - If officer SMG - If Security 12

NPCs (6+)

Attire: Blacks/Greens

Further Update

Upon approach you note two problems needing your attention. Firstly, Kuros has been caught in a meteorite shower (possible debris from Aegis 7) and the colony is damaged including the communications array. Secondly, your own ship takes damage from micro debris resulting in the loss of power from Reactor Two. With only one reactor running your vessel can hold orbit but not leave the system.

Mission Objectives:

  1. Restore communications with the colony
  2. Prepare the mining facility for Ishimura II
  3. Retrieve fuel cores from the colony to restore Reactor Two
  4. Retrieve remaining colonists prior to planet crack
  5. Reach minimum safe distance so Ishimura II can operate without interference

Final Update:

You received a few images that were badly garbled in the last transmission before communications loss and now, after extensive restoration, find they show some kind of living growth mass in the background of a few of the forty-plus images retrieved.

Additional Objective Added:

  1. Find out what this growth mass is
  2. Retrieve sample for research

Fallen Days

Two years have passed since the invaders came. Earth was unprepared to defend itself from their technology. We were quickly subjugated.

For two years we have been caged in a dome. It can’t be seen, but it is there, surrounding us completely. Whatever it is made of sliced through everything in its path — the roads aren’t short of the rusting remains of halves of cars — and has resisted anything we could throw at it. As far as we can tell, it is centred on Cardiff and it stretches to the coast. That gives it a radius of about 30 miles. The state of the rest of the world is a mystery — we assume there are other domes, but who knows how many and where they are.

Some of us have become collaborators, the Oversight, serving the aliens as their black-uniformed enforcers. The Oversight live a more comfortable life, and have all the morals of a snake.

The rest of us resist where we can, stockpiling supplies and weapons while trying to find a weakness we can use against our enemy.

A few months ago was the event that could mark the turning point in our struggle. We ambushed an Oversight patrol — they are still hunting us — and took a device from them.

We’ve been lying low and trying to figure out how the device works. We’ve discovered we can use it to pass through the dome. We can’t afford to wait and experiment any longer; it is time to mount an expedition to find out what is going on beyond the edge.

The resistance needs men and women like you. Fighters, explorers, scientists, engineers, even supermarket managers. Everyone can play their part.

Deadline for character submission is March 30th. Players who do not submit a character will be assigned NPC roles, which may require them to play a resistance character for the entire game session.

Players will be able to reprise characters from the earlier games, or create a new character. All players are requested to fill out the registration form.

Questions to be considered are:

  1. What you did before the invasion
  2. How you feel about the invaders
  3. How you feel about The Oversight

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about Dropzone, then you can contact us through the Facebook event page.