Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.


Every year, the UKLTA organises Dropzone, our main anthology style event, usually over the late May Bank Holiday. Dropzone is a highlight of our social calendar but also a time when people try out 'different' things in a series of short games


The cost varies from year to year but is usually in the region of £60.

For insurance reasons, you must be a UKLTA member. This costs £5 for a single event or £10 for a year.


For many years, Dropzone was hosted at Harmer Green Scout camp. Since the loss of the site it has moved around a variety of outdoor locations throughout the UK.


All sites are accessible by car and we’re a friendly bunch, so if you need a lift from a nearby railway station or other place you can get to on public transport, that can be arranged. Please contact us in advance if you need a lift.


As socialising is a big part of Dropzome many players bring a tent. The schedule also allows enough time for players who want a more comfortable bed to stay at a nearby hotel.

If you would like some other arrangement (such as bringing a campervan) then please contact us. Several of our regular players bring a campervan so it is not uncommon.

What you should bring

As all our events are outdoors you need to be prepared for a physically active day in whichever season it takes place. Plan your meals and bring anything you need to prepare them. You will need to check what options are available for a specific event. Any given event may or may not be catered, provide access to a kitchen, or allow cooking fires. There is usually time at meal breaks to go out for a take-away should you wish.

Here are the common things you'll usually need to attend one of our events.


This is an example schedule for a weekend game. The specifics are likely to vary.

When What
Friday afternoon Players begin arriving, setting up, and socialising
evening Safety and game briefing followed by play
11pm-midnight End of session 1. Retire for more socialising and/or sleep.
Saturday 9am Briefings followed by play
12 noon Lunch
2pm Game resumes
6pm Dinner
8pm Game resumes
11pm-midnight Typically there is a large social bonfire somewhere on-site
Sunday 9am Briefings followed by play
Sunday 12 noo Lunch
2pm Gaming resumes
6pm Dinner, closing chat etc.
Monday 9am People pack for departure
Monday noon Everybody must be offsite