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Extraction Point 2022

16th–18th September 2022

What is Extraction Point?

Extraction Point is an all new, yearly event that will be held at the end (or close to) of the “tagging season”.

In previous years we have had monthly use of Combat South's airsoft site in Wickham Hampshire, between March and October. Sadly, following COVID-19 Lockdown I, II and III, Combat South could no longer keep hold of the site and sold it off to developers. Sad times. However, not someone to dwell on the past. I put it to the committee that we should try to have, at the very least, an extra weekend anthology event. It was agreed and through discussion, it was decided it would be nice to close the “tagging season” with the event.

The next stage was putting it to you, our members, to see if you thought it was a good idea too. Fortunately, you did, so here we are starting a new tradition.

So what of our first Extraction Point?

Well, we have a date: September 16th - 18th. And we have a venue: The Grange. But there is something missing still: games! We need you all - not just the usual GMs, who are, no doubt getting a little fed up with always being the ones running games and not playing them - to put on your thinking caps and fill up some of the game slots.

The event will have a more relaxed feel on the Friday - having a bit of a social rather than a game. It will be nice to catch up with everyone over dinner and around the fire talking about their “hots and nots” of the year. What games to try in the following year and what mistakes to avoid making.

On Saturday we'll have a morning game, afternoon game and night game followed by more firelight socialising.

On Sunday we'll have a morning game before packing up and saying our final farewells.

If this format works, we'll keep it; if not, we'll tweek it. As our members, your feedback will be an invaluable part of the decision making process, so do expect a post-event feedback form to be sent to you. The more responses we get, the better Extraction Point will be in the future.

At the moment the only slot to have been filled is the Saturday night game. More information will happen when I have it but at the moment all I can tell you is that it will involve neon EL wire and cyberdecks…

Much shooty love to you all from your Friendly Event Coordinator! Claire Barclay