Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

Health, Safety and First Aid

Event Details

Your personal heath

Your personal fitness is your own responsibility; however, it would be appreciated if you would advise us in advance of any special needs or problems. You can do this by contacting us through the Firefight Facebook page or directly contact the DropZone Co-ordinator, Claire Barclay.

Please remember that live role-play games are both physically demanding and potentially dangerous activities. It would be greatly appreciated if you would let us know, in advance, of any medical qualifications you possess and if you would be happy to volunteer your services as a first aider for the weekend.

First aid

A comprehensive first aid kit will be placed in an advertised location and first aiders will be identified at the start of each game.

Emergency Whistle Signals

In order to facilitate communications over the whole site, ALL players must carry a whistle. The whistle signals are as follows, please learn them:

Game start: 1 whistle blast and/or call of time in

Game over: 3 long blasts on the whistle (only to be done by or at the request of a game organiser).

Emergency: Continuous blasts on whistles: stop play and close on the whistle blower's location.

Night games

For night games, all players must carry a torch and a whistle.

Risk assessment

A risk assessment will be published before the event.


You can reach me (Claire Barclay) via email.