Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

Rocket Race
James Barclay
Friday evening

Event Details

The Cold War drags further on. The USA and the USSR are scrambling to win the arms race. Who will have a full set of missiles and launchers? More missiles need more fuel but where will you find it?!

There are a few roles designed with limited mobility in mind on a first come first served basis.


Stereotypes greatly encouraged but by no means worry too much about costume

How to Play

There will be two teams. Each team has a base.

At each base they have:

To Win a team must have:

Fuel will be placed at random throughout the game area. There will be 12 fuel containers. Fuel containers are 500ml bottles with convenient glow sticks inside.

Downed players must drop any fuel, launchers, launch tubes or missiles and return to base to be “healed”. Machine gunners are also medics. The player must return to base and push a button held by a machine gunner before going back out (if the gunner is down or busy shooting, they cannot pass the button to the other players, the downed player must wait for the gunner to start regenerating or stop shooting).

No NPCs.


James through Facebook or his amazing and very patient wife, Claire, via email