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Pillage the Village
Eddie King
Sunday afternoon

Event Details

Ladies, gentlemen and others welcome to the 2022 Pillage the Village. I am your host Eggbut Nobacon.

Welcome to my village, the game is simple. In teams of four or five get into the village and steal as much loot as you can as fast as you can!

However there are some tasks within the village you must do to get extra items.

Task 1, Entertain Mr Death. Entertain him in whatever way you can! Mr Death will then decide whether he liked it or not and if he does, he will give you a sKull. If he doesn't he will kill one of your party.

Task 2, Steal an alien egg from the alien nest. However once you touch the egg the alien will stop at nothing to get it back. So RUN for the edge of the village. Once you are out of the village the alien will retreat back to the nest.

Task 3, Beat the Cyber Leader at chess. The Cyber Leader has set up a chess problem for you to solve. Solve the problem, get the Cyber Leader's head, fail and the Cyber Leader will delete one of your party.

Scoring is based on the following

The team with the most points wins the Pillage the Village trophy.

P.S. I will need 5 NPCs in blacks.


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