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No Man Left Behind
Stephen Nash & Paul Watson
Sunday am

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Closure of UNIT case file DZ/92 - PN1960

Recently a large, extinction threatening, asteroid was discovered by UNIT Skywatch Tracking station 43, Canberra and Tracking Station 63, Madrid, who were watching the skies for the approach of the odd or unexplained heading towards Earth.

Operation Glad Slam was initiated – all UNIT personnel, liaising with the host country’s power bases and their military began the mobilisation of Civil Defence bunkers and the powering up of previously classified orbiting ‘Damocles’ missile defence platforms to target the rock in the hope of breaking it up and reducing the potential damage to the planet.

As plans moved into fruition, they were seemingly countered. First the missile platforms were destroyed. Then all of the Skywatch Stations around the world broke off contact, leaving Chuck Marshall at NASA control Pasadena calling out into the dark until, he too, was silenced.

Jodrell Bank recorded the disappearance of the asteroid but initially missed the descent of several smaller pieces. That information came from a civilian monitoring outfit headed up by Joseph Kapp and Tommy Roach. Focussing closer to the earth, they caught what they considered a controlled descent into the British countryside.

The landing site was narrowed down to an area of scrubland outside Coventry and an investigative team under the command of RSM Nash were deployed on an initial reconnaissance mission. This ended in chaos, the troops claiming contradictory things had happened to them when in the area. Most were seemingly terrified out of their wits and several are still now in psychiatric units claiming that things are ‘out to get them’. The only physical loss seems to have been Nash and some things just can’t be borne within the UNIT family.

As such HQ Geneva has sought permission from the UK Government to dispatch several specialised UNIT containment teams into the area under the command of a Major and a Captain. The mission is of course to bring back ‘Nasher’ or avenge his demise.

So saddle up for a mission to the unknown, where you daren’t blink and let’s hope a colony in space hasn’t come to claim squatter’s rights.


UNIT personnel (18)

Any nation's combats with UN blue beret (the hobby has a bag of them somewhere if you don't have one (older sweats may wear Khaki or Sand SAS berets)

N.B. NO RED Berets and black or you will be dipped in chocolate and thrown to Torchwood!!

Civilian operatives (4)

Whatever you like as long as it is not blacks — for those that want them we can provide lab coats

NPCs (8)

Kit provided


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