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Coordinator's Introduction

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Greetings Earthlings,

Welcome to Dropzone 2020 2021 2022. It's a new decade, well, it was two years ago. A lot's happened since our last Dropzone: we lost the site at Eversley, we found a new one in Dorking then Covid-19 hit the fan and all bets were off. While Covid-19 is still around and looks like it's staying, certainly for a while yet, humanity and it's tenacious resilience has found ways to treat it, vaccinate against it and take other precautions to protect itself.

Despite it's best efforts, Covid-19 became manageable enough for us to have a couple of tagging events in 2021, starting with Laserous in September.

Laserous saw a variety of games beginning the weekend with a fun jaunt into the criminal underworld of gang culture in the Great British Bank Blagging, some more roaming the dangerous, “Oversight” controlled countryside in the world of Fallen Days an introduction to Humanity Ascendant's post-apocalyptic future, the nomadic underworld in a Cyberpunk question of morality,and some very strange bears in Doctors without Borders that answered the question “Do bears shit in the woods?”.

A stalwart hand then guided players to their fate in The Destiny Games 2: The Kings Road, a collection of skirmish games held at Equinox Festival near Grimsby. Players not only got to shoot at one another but had to stay focused and use decision making skills: Should we pick up a flag early and try to hold onto it or wait for the last few seconds? Could riddles be found and solved without getting you shot? All I know is that everyone had a lot of fun!

While all of this was happening, the marvellous Mr. Reynolds has hosted “Tag Chat” every Wednesday to keep the home fires burning and having discussions surrounding TV and Film, 3D printing, and all manner of tech related topics.

While a new disease ravages the world, an old one reared its ugly head and claimed a dear friend to us all on 24th December 2021 and left us very uncertain about the future of Tag without him. He embodied an enthusiasm in the hobby that kept us all going. I know he wouldn't want us to dwell on his passing but would appreciate that this one's for him and allow us to toast him around the fire pit...more than once.

This year's Dropzone is held at a new site for Dropzone but a familiar one for other games and many of you will know it well. This year we will be returning to the site of Goldrush (by James Bloodworth) and Laserous: The Grange. If you don't know it, the site is a little bumpy in places but largely flat and easy enough to traverse for those of us that are less able to get around these days. There is a cafe on site which does lovely food and caters to a variety of dietary requirements. If enough of us want it, there could be the possibility of a meal ticket which would include breakfast and lunch (by way of vouchers for the cafe) and a cooked meal in the evening.

So here we are, rising from the ashes like the bird of legend - The Phoenix.

I can't wait to see what new adventures can be had!

Your friendly Dropzone Coordinator, Claire Barclay

P.S. Because we want you all there, the cost of a ticket is only £50!!!