Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

Humanity Ascendant: Geiger
Lee Long
Saturday afternoon

Event Details

Welcome to the Freedom Expeditionary Forces

A radiological alarm has been triggered in sector A5. It is unknown if this presents a threat to the Bunker, but even if not it could be a significant threat to our Stricken allies on the surface. Investigate and deal with the threat, people!

Humanity Ascendant is a Live Action Role Playing Game set in a post-apocalyptic / science fiction world. It is set in the years 2517 onwards (the in-game date is exactly 500 years ahead of ours), and takes place in an apocalyptic world stalked by gangs, mutants and worse. Think of a combination of Mad Max, X-Com and Evil Dead all rolled into one scenario.

Players take on the role of survivors of the Apocalypse, assigned to rediscover the world around them for the sake of the Human Race.

Events will typically include 20-40 players, and the story focuses completely around their findings and research on the surface, success in the field and relationships with NPCs and each other. The very survival of the Bunker and it’s 1,500 inhabitants depends on the player’s actions, and the content of future events is defined by the player’s actions (or inaction).

You are the Heroes
No-one is going to save you but each other