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Flight G520 is Missing
Dai Rees
Saturday morning

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Flight G520 a Gulfstream 550 private charter for the UN is missing, having disappeared over Columbian airspace en-route to UNLIREC centre at Lima - Peru.

On board were 3 crew; Pilot, Co-pilot and steward plus several high ranking UN staff of significant interest, a mix of scientists and negotiators.

Suspicious transmissions and flight activity prior to G520’s disappearance has alerted the newly reinstated UNIT HQ in Geneva.

A UK team of crash investigators, with support from the CIA and a few UNIT scientists are dispatched to find out what went wrong.

Security for this operation has been scraped together from newly reformed UNIT forces training in the Caribbean.

The Policia Nacional have located what they think is the crash site and will meet the investigation team prior to leading them to the site.

Given the nature of the environment both physical and political and the presence of drug cartels in the area this mission is under significant pressure to be completed rapidly.




Anything apart from blacks, preferably civvies/jungle wear. Pistols only

UNIT troopers

Black combats with black helmets/red berets. Any weapons.


Civvies & other. 6+ Any weapons or none

Looking for several ‘active’ crew volunteers please.

Some clothing will be supplied.


Dai Rees via email