Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

COVID-19 Policy

Event Details

This policy applies to all participants - attendees, GM's and organisers (You) attending Dropzone 2022 (DZ22) on 27th - 29th May 2022.This document lists the Covid-19 mitigation requirements for DZ22.

The government may have dropped the necessity for Covid-19 measures but we at UKLTA want to ensure that everyone can attend, safe in the knowledge that we have done all that we can to reduce the risk of Covid-19 being transmitted at our event. As such we will require all attendees to have completed a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) no more than 24 hours ahead of the LARP starting. If you test positive at this stage, then you (and your party) should not attend the LARP, and you should attempt to contact the event organiser (Claire Barclay -, FB Messenger, WhatsApp or text message) as soon as is practical. You should forward your negative test result (either email, FB messenger, WhatsApp or text message 07919898965) to the event organiser to confirm this has been done as no-one will be allowed on site without proof this has been completed. We would also urge all participants to ensure you have at the very least, completed your double vaccination programme ahead of the LARP. If you have any concerns or questions about this then please either contact the event organiser, Claire Barclay or the committee who can be emailed at

Single lateral flow tests are available to buy for under £3 from a variety of stores in the UK.

If you are concerned you may have had contact with someone who has tested positive in the last five days but you are testing negative, please be considerate to others by wearing a mask (unless exempt) and keeping a 2 metre distance from other event participants wherever possible.