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Laserous: Fallen Days: The Rat Pack
Saturday morning

Event Details

Five years ago, they came. Visitors from the stars, here to usher in a new age of mankind. Their domes fell from the skies, separating humanity into isolated bubbles, easily overwhelmed and subjugated.

There are always some who will be willing to stand on their fellows for a few crumbs of power, they were recruited into Oversight. Others scratched out an existence on the rations their new alien masters distributed through the hands of their human collaborators. Some simply disappeared. The remainder went on the run, never staying in one place too long, doing what they had to do to survive and looking for a way to fight back.

They’ve dealt blows against the invaders, discovered experiments they are performing on our planet, and found a way to escape the domes. Now, with ammunition and food running low they are chasing a rumour of a military depot outside the domes in the hopes of being able to resupply and have somewhere to rest, at least for a little while.

Fallen Days is UKLTA's original post-apocalyptic setting and this episode is an ideal jumping on point for new players.

This game has a focus on stealth combat and general sneaking, but skill and social interaction based characters will also find they have a role to play.


We need one group of players (please let us know if you want to play a returning character), and some crew/NPCs.


Player characters are a rag-tag bunch in a world several years into an occupation, and have been on the run, so standard kit is civvies (a make do and mend/improvised clothing vibe is nice but not essential). The odd camo item in an outfit would work, but not full kit.

NPCs will be playing Oversight (so black (bonus points for tactical)) and some civilians (kit as per players), ideally something you can reasonably quickly flip between the two.


Please fill in this Google Form to let us know if you are playing and what role you’d like in the game.

If you have any questions, please drop Simon Clark a line on Facebook or at

Content Notes

At least some of Oversight are officious, bullying and/or overly keen on their tiny slice on power, so shout at, bully and generally mistreat the civilian population (which could include the players, if they have to interact (other than by shooting each other!))