Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

Laserous: Doctors Without Borders
Sunday morning

Event Details

The year is 2232, Doctors without borders has become the leading healthcare specialist around the globe, and with space travel, now extend their reach to the stars. They are supported by EDF, the Earth Defence Force, a united international military who have come together for the betterment of humanity.

Humanity has not yet encountered any sentient species, their existence is without question, every shred of evidence imaginable exists, except we still haven’t met anyone. So, we continue, exploring and learning about our ever-expanding Universe.


We will have a higher than normal scientific and research crew roughly 50/50 with combat crew. This gameplay is designed with more non-combat activities/tasks as well as opportunities for the more trigger happy.

We are looking for a handful of volunteers for crew, please contact Danni if you are interested.


EDF can dress in MTP.

Scientists and researchers can dress accordingly for their role, scrubs if they like for surgeons or normal smart clothes for travelling in, they are non-combatants to a degree.

We will need some special characters of course, dress to be conferred about separately as to not give anything away.

This is NOT Star Trek!


Please fill in this form to let us know you are playing and what type of character you wish to play.

If you have any questions you can contact Danni Mariner on Facebook or other electronic messaging tool of choice.