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Laserous: Cyberpunk 2077
Saturday evening

Event Details

Our story starts at an Aldecaldos (nomad clan) gathering, there is talk that Matt Reacher, one of the lead scouts for the clan has made a discovery and time is of the essence to make the most of it. A few netrunners from the city have been invited for some reason.

Setting background

In the year 2077 technology has advanced and cyber-wear being graphed on to a person’s body as an upgrade is a normal thing if you have the “eddies” (eurodollas) to do it.

Mega corporations have grown to be so powerful as to overtly control the lives of people more than governments. These corps are there for profit and have little concern for human life beyond being able to get profit from it. This in turn has led to a greater separation of the rich and the poor. The rich live in luxury high rise apartments with private security companies posting heavily armed guards and mechanised gun turrets to keep out the undesirables. While the workers live in cramped rundown flats just trying to earn enough money to eat and stay away from the crazies in dark alleys.

The large cities that exist are home to most people because scratching out a living outside these, in the waste land, is very hard. Those that want to live free from corp rule live outside the cities but even then corp reach is very long.


Corporations have bought land and displaced a lot of families from their homes; these people had nowhere to go. A great number started banding together in camps in the wilderness. They travel from place to place trying to find somewhere to call home. What was once many families has now become one big family; the name nomad was given to them.

After the last corporate war, the transportation and logistics troops that survived found that they were out of a job and unwanted by the corporations. Many suffering from the things they had seen and done found that city living was too confined for them. They also realised they had a skill, to transport items from A to B without detection, some might call it smuggling, they call it making a living. The bond of family within Nomad groups became more and more important as it helped them to survive the wilderness and their wounds, both mental and physical. Family is everything; family comes first.

Mega corps

Biotechnica are into genetic engineering, microbiological, and biochemical research. Militech are into arms manufacturing and distribution, supplying mercenaries.

Arasaka are into corporate security, corporate police, and various corporate suboperations.

PetRoChem are into Petrochemical products and agribusiness. Worlds' largest CHOOH2 (biofuel) producer

Cyberpunk gangs

Maelstrom: a combat gang who have decided cyber wear is the only way forward and keep adding more to themselves without regard for their sanity.

6th Street: a vigilante gang made up mostly from ex-military people who want to make the county safe and great again (think insurrectionist MAGA).

Voodoo Boys: a collective of netrunners who can run the net better than most. They have ritual magic overtones and a wish to appear Haitian.


PCs Aldecaldos nomads. Costume is civies: jeans and a T shirt. Clan scouts may be in biker gear, no military blacks or multicam please.


A few netrunners please contact Jim Barclay if you want to do this role. Likewise, if you want to do a corp character or NPC contact Jim Barclay

Contact Details

You can contact Jim Barclay via Facebook messenger or via email (less regularly checked!):;