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Laserous: The Great British Bank Blagging
Friday evening

Event Details

Ever since the Krays started it, there has been an annual Bank blagging competition. World famous gangs have tried it, some did well, some not so well.

Bring your gang in, barter with known felons, bent coppers, technical specialists and the lowest of the low, all to gain more time in the bank so you can open safety deposit boxes, storage boxes and gather all that lovely loot.

Lastly though, you must survive the free for all at the end in the safe house there will even be a reward for the villain who makes the most money on his own… probably!

Come pit your wits against the local constabulary and take all that lovely lolly home.

Bank robbery/escape room style. There will be some role-playing at the beginning and some problem solving. There are 3 sections:

  1. role-playing; obtaining clues, weapons, and services from shady individuals
  2. problem solving; opening locks and getting cash
  3. getting away with your loot before you are nicked


Players: Anything apart from blacks, preferably civvies. Pistols only

Crew: Civvies & Blacks


We are looking for 7 crew volunteers please


Email: Simon Clark at