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Laserous: Humanity Ascendant: Off Books
Saturday afternoon

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The year is 2521, approximately 500 years after the bombs dropped and signalled The End.

The inhabitants of Bunker Ascendant strive to explore and re-populate the surface as their home begins to fail around them, led by the heroic Freedom Expeditionary Forces (FEF).

One of their greatest Rivals are Bunker Fortitude. Another nuclear Bunker set up under the exact same dictates as Ascendant, but with an altogether different evolved agenda.

Defectors from the Bunker tell of a despotic military regime, where science and diplomacy are shunned in favour of the military regime.

Players will take the role of members of the Ascendant FEF. Soldiers, engineers, medics, scientists, and bureaucrats will take to the surface and undertake a surgical mission into Bunker Fortitude lands. The goal, to acquire critical intel regarding Fortitude and make contact with the Resistance that has formed there.

The mission will not only take the FEF deep into Fortitude territory, but will subject the new FEF recruits to the rigours of the surface and it’s other denizens. Select from one of the five classes above and a pick a name. A pre-generated character skill sheet will be generated for you and give you and your team the knowledge you need to succeed. Further intel can be found here:

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