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Fallen Days: The Rat Pack

Saturday 25th April 2020

A game set in the Fallen Days universe. New and old players welcome.

This is the regular one-day event taking place at The Combat South Woodland site in Wickham run by the UKLTA. This event would normally take place on the last Saturday of October but has shifted to the first Saturday of November due to site availability issues.

The Alien invaders have controlled Earth through their collaborating forces known as Oversight for a few years now. There are various rebel groups fighting back in whatever small ways they can. Some among you will remember a great victory a few months ago which saw the force field dome around the Cardiff area deactivated. It felt good to strike back, good to make a difference.

It was a shock when the Dome went up again after a few weeks. You were sure that you had dealt the Aliens a solid blow with its ‘destruction’, but were swiftly disabused of this notion. With enhanced patrols from Oversight, you decided it would be unwise to stay in the area and moved on.

Since then, you have found various canned food as you have scavenged, however you still encounter Oversight throughout the areas of the country you travel. Your rifles have run out of ammunition, some of you may have enough for the few sidearms you carry but that won’t last for long. You are searching for a resupply as you hunt, but have found little or nothing other than the odd clip captured from Oversight.

Recently, you have heard rumours of a government cache that was set up in the early days of the invasion that may have ammo and other supplies remaining, but you only have a rough location. It is time to try to hunt it down.


This is a one-day event taking place at The Combat South Woodland site in Wickham.

General Information

You can find more information about the format and location of this game on the Wickham One-day Events page.

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