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High Frontier: The Goodman Protocol

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Friday 20th March to Sunday 22nd March 2020

The Goodman Protocol (now referred to as TGP) is a weekend long LARP set in the High Frontier universe, this universe is predominantly set in the universe of the “Alien” and “Predator” film franchises, but we have written up a shared universe incorporating other movies and TV series that seemed to share common themes and imagery. More details on the actual universe can be found in the Player Guide


Since Humanity first looked up at the stars, they have asked the question, “are we alone?” Despite substantive rumours and numerous alleged sightings, the official line is that we are. However, people who live and work on the “High Frontier” are still expected to report anything unusual or phenomenon that cannot be explained, this is known as The Goodman Protocol.

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Book now. Player places £70. Crew places £10.


The Grange, Coventry.

What themes do you explore?

This LARP is an action-adventure set in a futuristic setting. There is an element of problem solving coupled in roleplay interaction. You (as in the player team) will have been given a mission as part of your general overview but how you go about completing that mission (assuming you want to) is entirely up to you. This LARP is primarily PvE (Player vs Environment) as opposed to PvP (Player vs Player), not to say there will be some inter-group strife to resolve but the game is written to be collaborative in nature.

So, is it all action?

Not at all, I’ve already alluded to the element of problem solving and some real-world skills might be useful in completing some skills tests but they are there to test you as a character but not you as a player, if you really can’t do anything for whatever reason then speak to a GM.

In terms of player groups, there tends to be a “military” group and a “civilian” group with the roleplay opportunities and combat divided between them, that’s not to say one group will get all the action and none of the RP opportunities, because that isn’t the case but there is a weighting involved when designing the overall structure of the game.

Do I create my own character?

Yes, we are mostly player led in this basis, we don’t do “casting” or allocate pre-written characters like some other systems but we sometimes do have scripted Player Character roles (we tell you what your skills, background and objectives but how you go about following them is up to you) and if would like one of these then please let the GM’s know.

How do the GM’s work in game?

There will always be at least one GM (in a Hi-Viz vest) that the players can call upon to make rulings if needed, we will always try and stay out of your way as much as possible

Is it continuous Time-in?

No, we effectively split the game into “segments” such as “Friday Night”, “Saturday Morning”, etc. We typically call Time-Out for mealtimes and at the end of the last session of the day.

Is there on-site catering?

Where the game is being run, there is a catered option (at an additional cost) that works outside of the game, further details will be published nearer the game time.

Can I cook my own food?

There is no on-site kitchen for player/crew use, so you will need to bring suitable cooking equipment and food with you.

How does Combat work?

Combat is pre-dominantly handled using Laser-Tag Technology, every player wears a sensor and that reacts when you are shot, you have a certain number of hits (how many is dictated by your player role/skills) and when they have expired, your sensor sounds a warning to tell you and the LED’s all light up to indicate that you should now fall to the ground (as soon as practical and safe to do) and await medical attention.

Do you use LARP-safe weapons?

Not really, you might see knives on some player but that is normally part of the costume (any weapons of this type should be checked by a GM irrespective of their intended use) as we are pre-dominantly a non-contact system as we use Laser-Tag to resolve combat. The only exception to this might be if we declare that “Tooth & Claw” is in play, this means that if you encounter an NPC who is obviously a monster of some kind and they get close enough to touch you then you should act as if your sensor has lost all of it’s hit and wait for a Medic character.

How does healing work?

Healing is also electronic, a medic will use a handheld device that will resolve the level of injury and the location and then “zap” your sensor with how long it will be before you can re-join the game, this is between 1-7 minutes and caries on the severity on injury. Your sensor siren will sound again when you can re-join the game as you have been effectively healed. Depending on the severity you may be issued with smarties (masking as ‘pills’) and/or bandaged on the location but your medic will tell you what needs to happen.

What if I don’t own a Laser-Tag Gun and/or a sensor?

Every player needs to wear a sensor but depending on your role, you may elect not to carry a gun but hire of a sensor and a suitable weapon will be included in your player fee.

Do you have a Social Charter covering this game?

Yes, we do and it can be found in the back of the universe guidebook, all bookings require the participant to have read and understand it