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Star Wars: May the Fourth Be With You

Saturday 4th May 2019

A game set in the Star Wars universe.

Important: This game is taking the place of the regular April Wickham. Sadly, we are unable to book the site for that day so we are running one week later on the first weekend in May. This is a Bank Holiday Weekend so is likely to run into scheduling conflicts for some people. If you intend to come, please let the organisers know (preferably by marking yourself as coming on the Facebook Event) so that we can judge numbers. If we expect too few people to come, we will call the event off.


Please fill out the booking form. It is important we know how many people are coming.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
far away....

May 4th 2019


It is a period of civil war. The GALACTIC EMPIRE rules the galaxy with an iron fist. Its IMPERIAL NAVY is the greatest military force known to history.

A team of spies loyal to the REBEL ALLIANCE has discovered the secret location of COMMAND STATION 4.

With access to the encryption keys stored there, Rebel slicers will have complete access to all Imperial Military HOLONET communications. To capture these keys, the Rebel Frigate ANVIL has dispatched a commando team to a hidden moon....

This game is set shortly before Rogue One and A New Hope.

Costume & Kit Guidence


Any kind of WOW or DOT laser-tag gun that is configured to deal one point of damage and a DOT sensor. Please get in touch via the forum if you need loan equipment.


Please bring your classic Rebel chic. Your touchstone references are Rogue One and the Endor sequences of Return of the Jedi but feel free to bring any Star Wars rebel look you like.


Please bring blacks. You may get asked if you can arrange some more specific costuming after you sign up, but that will be optional.


This is a one-day event taking place at The Combat South Woodland site in Wickham.

General Information

You can find more information about the format and location of this game on the Wickham One-day Events page.

Discussion and alerts

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