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High Frontier: Operation Phoenix

Saturday 27th July 2019

The last port of call was hell. Creatures coming out of the night, ripping open marines, taking more shots then you could believe before finally dropping. It was close. Ammunition was really short at the end. But you survived. Your squad survived.

Next stop: Shore leave. Medals. Hero’s welcome. Drinks with the lads. Bragging rights.

At least that was the plan. Your ship taok a couple of hard knocks and now the jury-rigged repairs are starting to fail. The main CO2 scrubber is down, and the main power core is on the verge of failing. You need replacement parts and waiting until you’re back at base isn’t an option.

The nearest planet is your best hope of getting what you need. Your records show there is a colony there. Best case scenario is that they have the parts you need and you can collect them, take off and be on your way. If not, then the air is breathable, and you can hunker down until the nearest base sends a repair team.

Everything should be fine. Even if the colony is a penal colony. The documentation claims it is nice: designed to be a “model prison planet” with everyone living in harmony and those who had served their time being offered land grants and being eligible for recruitment to local government roles, including guards. All in all, a peaceful cooperative that shouldn’t cause any trouble.

High Frontier

The High Frontier players' guide can be found on our documents page


This is a one-day event taking place at The Combat South Woodland site in Wickham.

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