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High Frontier: Wage Slaves

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Friday 27th September to Sunday 29th September 2019

A game set in the High Frontier Universe. You can find a players' guide to the setting on our documents page.


As tensions between the megacorporations rise, competition has turned dangerous and violent. Mercenary groups are making a killing. Those with specialist skills are commanding the highest prices.

Delta Collective specialised in "acquisitions". They spent five years near the top of the Federal District Marshals’ most wanted list, stealing to order and unafraid of using violence.

Their latest heist didn't go entirely according to plan. Security at the Weyland-Yutani medical research facility was higher than they expected, forcing them to improvise an escape route. This provided an opportunity for the Marshals to track them back to their base and break up their operation.

Only a few members are still on the loose, one of them because they had just left to deliver the goods to the client. The Marshals Service has identified the destination as LV-860, a planet claimed by Con-Amalgamated who operate a mining colony there.

An investigative team has been dispatched and will rendezvous with military support en route. Their mission is to retrieve the stolen material, identify the client, and find any leads on the remnants of Delta Collective.

Discussion and alerts

You can be alerted to any news about this event by following its Facebook page and discuss it on our forum.

You can contact the GM team by emailing with any questions you don't want to discuss in a public forum.


This game is set in the ongoing High Frontier continuity and welcomes new and existing characters.

If you wish to play a returning character, please contact the GM team with their details as soon as possible. Please include their name, skill list, background, details of any ongoing plot elements you are interested in seeing expanded up on (especially personal ones such as unusual equipment you may have picked up), and anything else you think would be useful for us to know.

New characters may be created following the guidelines in the High Frontier players' handbook (available from our documents page).

Characters who are expected to be a good fit for this game include:

There is also room for a member of Delta Collective earning a plea bargain (players considering this role should consider the trust implications this will impose on their relationships with other player characters).

The GM team is open to other character concepts, including those which involve starting the game as someone already in the colony. Please discuss any ideas you have with the GM team to see how they can be fitted into the game. Note that the sooner you do this, the more likely we will be able to write the character into the game.

Booking Information

Book now. Player places £70. Crew places £10.


The Combat South Woodland site on Mayles Lane in Wickham features 90 acres of woodland and several built-up locations including a village and a two-storey fort.

There are toilet facilities and ample parking.