Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

UKLTA Contacts

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Now that's first contact!

During the pandemic, most face-to-face LARP in the UK has been cancelled or postponed. To keep our members connected, we have been running weekly online chat sessions over Zoom. These happen weekly on Wednesdays at 21:00, please see the Facebook group or mailing list for the link to the next one.


UKLTA has an active Facebook group, lots of it is social chat but we also use it to help with announcing and organising upcoming events. Specific Facebook events are created for each game.

Mailing list

For those who do not use Facebook, there is a mailing list administered on which can also be accessed via RSS and so on. It is quite low traffic and mostly used for announcements.


If you have a need to contact the current UKLTA committee directly please use