Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

About the UKLTA

The UKLTA (UK Laser-Tag Alliance) runs a wide variety of LARP events in the UK across numerous different settings. Most of the games we run are modern day or science fiction but we do stray into other genres from time to time.

Our well developed Laser-Tag equipment allows us to add a strong tactical ranged combat to our games alongside the roleplaying you'd expect in LARP.

Having roots in using the original World of Wonder Laser-Tag system for team 'sport' games, we also run short tactical games such as 'Capture the village' or 'Zombies' where players team up to achieve specific tactical objectives.


Laser-Tag LARP started life back in the late 80s when the expensive toys were quickly remaindered in toy shops. Fantasy LARPers around the country were quickly converted to the new system. Clubs sprang up all over and were united by the fanzine, FireFight, which was first published in 1990.

This club structure would carry on until the mid-2000s when the United Kingdom Laser-Tag Alliance (UKLTA) was formed. It intended to provide a unifying umbrella for insurance, mutual support and to organise and run the national event, Dropzone. Laser-Tag LARP had been featured at the largest fest event of time, Summerfest for several years but in 1991, devotees thought they deserved an event of their own and that is how Dropzone was born.

The hobby has always been supported by a cottage industry of hobbyists who took those initial toys and have both replicated and then expanded their function whilst remaining faithful to that initial design.

From its earliest days, running genre games, that is games based on an existing universe, have been a cornerstone of the hobby. Films such as Aliens and Star Wars have continued to provide a source of inspiration for both stories, costumes and props.

As the technology around us had evolved then so has the technology used in games. Microcontrollers (such as Arduino's and ESP32's) are used more and more for props and other devices for the hobby. The technology has always given the hobby the edge in combat resolution but the story remains the heart of every LARP that is run under the auspices of the UKLTA.


The UKLTA runs something on the order of a dozen events each year with a mix of single day and full weekend events.

You can find details of upcoming events on our events page.

Taking Part

The specifics vary from game to game, but usually you’ll need to contact the individual game organiser to let them know you are coming.

You may have to pay a booking fee. Ensure you have suitable clothing for the event (this may be specific costuming or simply something sturdy and suitable for spending time outdoors in).

Our games use a Laser-Tag system for combat resolution and some special effects, if you don’t have your own compatible equipment then contact the game organiser who can arrange loan equipment.

Systems and settings

The UKLTA doesn’t believe that one size fits all when it comes to LARP systems and settings but they generally try to emulate the experience of being in an 'action movie'.

We have some general rules, safety rules and a social charter that we expect all attendees to adhere to, but the actual game rules can vary significantly.