UKLTA Firefight

Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

Who we are

UKLTA runs a wide variety of LARP events with numerous different settings in the UK. Most of the games we run are modern day or science fiction but we do stray into other genres from time to time.

What is LARP?

Live Action Roleplaying is a type of game where a group of players each take on a role and must deal with challenges and situations that they will be confronted with. It could be compared to improvisational theatre, but there is no audience. In some ways it is like a tabletop game such as Dungeons & Dragons, but rather then taking place solely in the players’ imaginations or on a map, it uses a real place. Activities that are dangerous or which require specialist skills are abstracted (for example, we shoot people with lasertag and use puzzles to represent hacking past a computer’s security system) but in general if you want to do something in the game: You just try to do it.


We run something on the order of a dozen events each year with a mix of single day and full weekend events. You can find details of upcoming events on our events page.

Taking Part

The specifics vary from game to game, but usually you’ll need to contact the individual game organiser to let them know you are coming. You may have to pay a booking fee. Ensure you have suitable clothing for the event (this may be specific costuming or simply something sturdy and suitable for spending time outdoors in). Our games use a lasertag system for combat resolution and some special effects, if you don’t have your own compatible equipment then contact the game organiser who can arrange loan equipment.

Rules systems

We don’t believe that one size fits all when it comes to rule systems and games. We have a set of rules modules that GMs can pick and choose from when designing their games. They may also introduce their own systems.

Contact us

You can contact game organisers if you any questions about their games. General enquiries should be addressed to our Facebook group. We have a friendly bunch of regulars who are happy to help people new to our hobby.