Membership  Membership of the UKLTA costs £10, membership runs from July 1st to June 30th  annually.  This cost is primarily to pay for the insurance policy that covers all players  on these events. The full cost is the same whether you pay in July or January. If you  don't want to pay the full price then you can pay only £5 to cover you for that event  only, but you would need to do this for every event.  For your £10 you get a photo membership card with your UKLTA member number  on it and you also get the protection of the LRP Insurance cover (as provided by the  LRP Alliance) for more details on that policy please click here. All membership enquiries are handled by the UKLTA Membership secretary.  Online payment via paypal is also accepted, please note that if you are a new  UKLTA member we still require a signed paper form and a suitable photo for your  membership card.  The UKLTA are covered by the insurance policy as prescribed by the LRP Alliance.  This policy gives us £5,000,000 of public liability cover in the unfortunate event of  an incident during one of our events.   Our certificate is available for viewing if needed.  To view our constitution please click on the PDF.. To view our Code of Conduct please click on the PDF..   For a membership form and details of how to join then please click on the PDF..  Or fill out the below form and pay via Paypal or (if you are already a member then  all you need do is move further down the page and fill out the renewal option) : -
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