Donating  A recurring theme on some more recent posts on Firefight and a subject raised at  TagCon 2011 was the recent escalation in site costs and in particular the upfront  cost of a site deposit required by all sites to secure the booking.  When the UKLTA  was formed, supporting games and game organisers was always intended to be  one of it’s prime goals.  To this end, the idea of supporting games organisers by  paying up front costs in terms of a short term interest free loan.  This shall be  supported by the UKLTA but ideally we need your help to keep this going.  To this  end this is a way to donate to the UKLTA via Paypal. Note: As of 18-3-2011, the criteria for assessing whether or not a game will qualify  for thus type of support is under way, this can be found here.  When these  guidelines have been more formalised then they will be found on the Firefight  forum.
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