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Huntley Wood events are day games organised by the UKLTA. The events are  designed to let everyone have a bit of fun and also serve as both an ideal  introduction to LRP and Lazer-tag equipment. The format varies from month to  month, but the morning usually starts around 10:00 and is normally spent  skirmishing and, after lunch, the afternoon features a role-playing scenario run by  volunteers.     The venue is Huntley Wood near Stoke. It is a large woodland site which features a  variety of terrain. The site also has toilets and an ample car park.     To take part you’ll need sturdy boots and outdoor clothing (military kit is always  popular), a packed lunch and drink . If you have no tagging kit (gun and sensor)  loan kit can be arranged in advance through ‘Firefight’.  There is extensive navigation information on the Huntley Wood website that you  can access here (please heed their warning on SatNav)  Other Notable Locations:  The Draycott Arms, a favoured after game watering hole, ST11 9RQ  The Tean Fish Bar, a favoured after game takeaway, ST10 4DX 

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Huntley Wood One Day Events Huntley Wood One Day Events