"What is Laser-Tag?" Laser-Tag the system was originally developed as an expensive toy around 1986. Because of the  expense it was remaindered quickly and sets that cost upwards of £50 were quickly reduced in price  which is when various Roleplay clubs around the country saw the potential and bought in. Laser-Tag  now refers to Live Roleplay events that use the technology as a way to resolve combat, much as a  battleboard system would be used in Fantasy LRP except the Sensor acts as an electronic Battle  Board . "What is Live RolePlay?"  LIve RolePlay (LRP or LARP) is basically taking the RolePlaying games (like Dungeons & Dragons)  and instead of sitting round a table, we go out and perform the actions for real. Wikipedia has quite a  good article on what LRP is and that can be found here.   "Do you still use the original equipment?"  You might find the odd original gun in use, but homebrew technology, developed within the hobby, has  pretty much replaced all of the original equipment. The original protocol used by the guns is still in use  but is starting to be overtaken by a newer kind of technology called Data-Over-Tag (DOT) that allows  for amongst other things, variable hit damage and other new effects..  Is there a minimum age requirement?  Yes, due to our insurance policy, you need to be 18 years of age before coming on one of our events.  "Do I need a gun and a sensor to take part?"  Yes "Can I borrow one as I don't own any yet?"  Again Yes, if you are coming to an event, either a Wickham or a Huntley Wood one day event or a  longer weekend event then if you either talk to the organisers or ask on the Firefight forum then  someone will bring spare equipment for you to borrow.  "Will it cost anything?" That depends on the loaner but if it does then it won't be much but there may be a returnable deposit  involved at the time of lending.  "Can I buy a gun and a sensor?"  Being honest, the lack of being able to buy equipment off the shelf has long been a hindrance to the  hobby and has led to the rise of both Airsoft/Nerf/Vocal systems in more general use at LRP events.  However, whilst they are more available, Airsoft guns are usually restricted in the sites they can use,  Nerf guns have a very limited range and a vocal system relies on the person you are shouting at to  realise they are being shouted at. There are equipment manufacturers, again of a homebrew nature,  around the hobby and if you ask on Firefight or at an event then they will be happy to talk to you  regarding buying equipment.  We are looking at setting up a dedicated store where both components  and completed guns would be available for sale.  "Can't I buy one of those Laser-Tag sets from Toys-R-Us?" Unfortunately the newer Laser-Tag stuff is not compatible with our equipment as we are still using the  same protocol that was first used when the system was first released. All of the guns produced since  then are backwards comptible (including the newer aforementioned DOT guns) with that original  system. "What about costume?" This will vary but we tend to run a lot of military style games and there may be some minimum costume  guidelines but these will vary from game to game and again are usually specified on the forum pages  related to the game itself. Again, people have a lot of experiance in where to get appropriate costume  and will be happy to help if asked.  "How much do events cost?"  It varies, a one day event at the Wickham site costs in the region of £10 to £15 depending on the  number of attendees on the day. Weekend long events tend to cost more usually around £55 to £70  but again this will vary on the event.  "Are there any other costs?"  Yes, everyone who comes on a game that is being run under the auspices of the UKLTA needs to be a  member for insurance purposes, annual membership is £10 and will cover you for any number of  events that you may attend, otherwise it's a £5 cost for each game you attend.  "Is there a calendar of events?"  Yes, available on the main Firefight page here: http://www.firefight.org.uk/calendar.htm 
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