UKLTA Firefight

Modern and science fiction LARP in the UK.

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Contact Details
Emergency Contact Details

In the event of an emergency occurring during the event, who should we contact?

Equipment Hire

All games at Dropzone will require a DoT compatible sensor. Most will also require a laser-tag gun. If you do not have your own then loan equipment is available. This may require a fee and/or refundable deposit. Post a request on our Facebook Event to discuss specifics.


For insurance purposes, all attendees must be UKLTA members at the time of the event. We offer annual memberships for £10 that cover all events, but Dropzone takes place towards the end of our year. If you plan to attend multiple events, then consider picking "I do not need to pay for membership" and paying at the next event you attend.


The cost of attendance varies depending on how soon you book.


Please note a few details about how Paypal works. It costs us (UKLTA) money, so we prefer that you pay in person at an event. If you do select Paypal, we will send you an invoice to the email address you gave above. This is a manual process so it might take a few days if we are particually busy. You may wish to make sure the address you use is one connected to your existing Palpal account. We will attempt to batch together multiple applications that arrive from the same person (e.g. if a family is coming together) into a single invoice.

  • I agree to be bound by the UKLTA code of conduct whilst attending the event. A full copy of which will be available either in a booklet or as a downloadable PDF document before the event.
  • I understand that Live Roleplaying can be physically demanding and I am responsible for my own fitness.
  • I understand that Live Roleplaying can be dangerous.
  • I understand that the UKLTA Committee or anyone else concerned with organising the event accept no liability for any injury that I may incur.
  • I understand that admittance to the event is at the discretion of the committee and that a breach of the code of conduct will result in immediate expulsion from the event.
  • I will be over the age of Eighteen (18) before 25th May 2018.

The next screen will allow you to pay for your order via Paypal, cheque or cash.