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May 27 to 30, 2016 Harmer Green Scout Camp
Welcome to Dropzone! Welcome to Dropzone 2016, now in it’s 24th year, returning once more to  Harmer Green Wood, Hertfordshire for the late May Bank Holiday. Our  main theme game this year is inspired by dark tales of modern and  contemporary horror and associated stories.  Games include a new series of games in the “Laundry Files”, an adventure  with the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce and a journey into the  writings of Charles de Lint.  More details will be on the Firefight forum  (link in the menu bar) as well as in the Dropzone booklet when it is  produced.  PLEASE NOTE: Each and every game running at Dropzone 2016 will require all  participants to wear a DOT sensor, these are available for loan if needed.  Please consult your Dropzone 2016 Guide for further information, this  should be available shortly so please check back soon. 
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