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Sunday Morning/Afternoon:
“... big gathering of gangs been set up. All gangs will be there. The Riffs set it up, so you know it's legit. Even some Mega City gangs gonna be there. Can you dig it?” Choose a gang. Each gang will be given it's own mission/'side quest'. PM 'ronin' on Firefight to sign up for a particular gang. If you have a specific role you'd like to play or your own idea for a gang, again please PM 'ronin' on Firefight, the sooner the better, thanks. The Gangs ( 4 to 6 players per gang depending on turn out) The Riffs - Probably the biggest gang in this sector of the Cursed Earth with a lot of support behind them already. Their leader 'Cyrus' has big plans and has called for this Gathering of the Gangs. The Van Saars - A gang with some serious tech, got a lot going for them. Mainly peaceful but dangerous if cornered, they like law and order on their turf. Visit the Van Saars if you need healing. The Plague - An up and coming gang. These cats have rolled over every adversary standing in their way with polished ease. AC Bulls - A bunch of party boys looking a good time. Drugs and booze are their stock-in  trade.   The Wasteland Lions - A warrior based raider gang, specialty: hit and runs attacks. The Smoking Ace's - A petrol-headed biker gang from Mega City One. The Judged – A street gang from Mega City One. SUNDAY EVENING: Mean Arena In the grim darkness of the far future....wait wait, that's not how this goes. Ladies and Gentlemen make sure you have your life savings on hand because the event of the century is coming SUNDAY...someday. This is the National Huck-it League, Major league bloodbath...you'll pay for your seat BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!! If you choose to play Mean Arena you can be part of three factions, The Edmonton Incinerators last years Moon cup champions, The Alabama Anthrax who are set to be up and comers despite being such a new expansion team. Or the 'slum dwellers' caught in the middle some are pro the glorious Arena, they recognize the joy and opportunity it brings, others are not so intelligent and seem to think that having their favela used as a playing ground for a bunch of blood thirsty maniacs is a BAD thing. Within each character group you will have your own set of goals and ideas that as you can probably guess will conflict with the goals and ideas of other players. This game should be a bit of a laugh and hopefully fun!