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This will be a light hearted competition based game. Something to get you warmed up before the Fallout game! All you have ever known was the city. Its all there has ever been. You have your 30 years of life and then renew in a blaze of glory to come back later. Or so you believed. Now you aren't so sure. With the time of renewal approaching fast are you really going to come back ? Rumours exist of a Sanctuary. If only you could get to it before your time is up. Do you renew or do you run ? If you run you will be hunted down by the Sandmen though. Requirements All players MUST have a sensor capable of lights on. All players need some way of keeping track of time. Teams Citizens: You live a life with no needs or wants. Everything is supplied to you and you can do as you please. The only constant is you must renew when your life clock runs out. Of course there are always those misguided souls who run. If you decide to run you must find this rumoured sanctuary and then get there. Before the Sandmen can catch you. Hits - 5 Costume - No blacks. Pretty much anything else, robes, civvies, Kaftans etc of whatever style you like. Weapons Allowed - single shot pistols only (you wont be starting with them but will be able to acquire them) Sandmen Sandmen are the enforcers of city laws, such as they are. Your objective is simple. You must hunt down and terminate runners. Your performance is evaluated on how well you perform your job. Sandmen never run - honest. Teams of 2 (number of pairs will depend on total number of players) Costume - Black trousers and black top. Weapons allowed - single shot pistols only. You will start with a weapon. Will need at least 1 PMR radio per pair. Game Mechanics (printed reminder sheets will be supplied on the day so don't worry about remembering stuff).  The Car Park and Compound are out of bounds.  You can only use a weapon if you find and have a Weapon token. They will be scattered around the site or maybe you can trade with other players for one. You should still carry your pistol with you but NO using it without a token. Special Weapons There are a couple of non tag special weapon effects that may be in play for this game. Nerf - if you are hit by a nerf dart then you are down and unconscious for 2 minutes. Silly String - Any location hit by silly string is unusable. If you are hit in the body or head then you are immobilised completely. You can spend 2 minutes removing silly string from an arm or leg location if you have a hand free, or if you are immobilised (chest or head) then someone else can spend the 2 minutes removing it from you. Medical System There will be NO medical system in play for this game! If you are killed you can return to the referee point and restart with a new Lifeclock. At the start of the game and each time you renew or die you can return to the referee point (Central Control) and will be given a time and a new Life colour token. This time is when your life clock runs out.  If your Life clock runs out you must activate the lights on function on your sensor. This is a visual indication that you are now a runner. At or 5 minutes before your Lifeclock runs out you can come to Central Control and Renew to get a new Lifeclock. Or you can choose to run. When you Renew then all tokens must be handed in to Central Control. There will be certain items needed to complete parts of the game, these will be represented by tokens. Tokens will also be used to represent other items, weapons for instance. Tokens can be traded or looted. However there are restrictions on the amount of tokens you can carry. NO stashing of items allowed. They must be kept with someone at all times.  Each token is worth a certain amount and will have a Value on it. This represents how bulky an item is and not how much it is physically worth. A player can only carry a maximum of 10 points worth of tokens during play. Anyone who attains Sanctuary, congratulations you win!
LOGAN’s run: taggers amble
Friday Night:
Our main themed game this year is based around the Fallout role-playing video game series. The year is 2281, more than 200 years after the warheads of The Great War turned the world into the oddball post-apocalyptic wasteland you find yourself trying to survive today. Our setting is somewhere off to the west of The Capital Wasteland, a strange zone of petrified woodland, around the small township of 'Harmful Green'. It is here your character will need to find a way through the world by questing, trading, selling your skills, engaging with others, not to mention defending yourself and your allies from the many dangers life may throw at you. For much, much more information please first read our 'mission statement' on the forum before browsing the Fallout forum pages and, of course, the Dropzone 2015 Guide.
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