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STARGATE SG-1 : THE LOST BOYS (by Ros Day, David Harvey and Jasper Hedger) It’s not always about fire fights and daring-do, the Stargate has an irresistible siren call and those who hear it must respond whether they seek academic knowledge, scientific treasures or simply the ultimate escape... Set during the second series of Stargate SG-1. It’s a simple there and back again, and with a little luck nobody will even notice that you’ve been gone. Team Costume Weapons Notes A Civilian Side arms or unarmed Industrial Archaeology B Civilian Side arms or unarmed Political science C Civilian Side arms or unarmed Practical anthropology. D Civilian Side arms. (Or unarmed, or perhaps the odd rifle.)General Science. E Olive Drab w/black assault vests.Side arms, MP5s or FN P90s F Olive Drab w/black assault vests.Side arms, MP5s or FN P90s How good is your fieldcraft? Are you sneaky enough? G Blacks Side arms, MP5s or FN P90s Please let us know your first and second preference via a private message on Firefight, and once you’ve signed up we’ll send you background appropriate to your team. Medical system– SAMS level 2
Sunday Morning:
Sunday Afternoon:
(by Dave Baseley, Kelly Dillon, JR and Russell Tomlinson) In all the years we’ve been fighting the System Lords, we’ve never known them to act together – until now. SG11, while on a routine excavation mission to RX734-X2, stumbled upon a hidden chamber containing a tablet inscribed with a previously unknown dialect of the Goa’uld’s language alongside a Stargate address.  While only a small amount could be translated, it was enough for SG11 to establish that a brief alliance of all System Lords had been formed for the specific purpose of mutual protection. Believing there’s something on this planet that the System Lords consider a threat, SG11 contacted General Hammond and were granted authorisation to proceed to the unknown planet, there to be joined by SG8 travelling from Earth.  When Stargate Command attempted to dial the planet a connection couldn’t be established, however, it was soon confirmed that SG11 had left RX734-X2 without a problem.  Half an hour later the gate connected and a wormhole stabilised, but all attempts to contact SG11 failed.  In response to the team’s apparent disappearance, General Hammond has assembled a large security and scientific force, of which you are a part.  Your primary objective is to rendezvous with SG11 and ensure their safe return.  Once the safety of our people has been guaranteed, the secondary objective is to resume SG11’s original mission to fully translate the tablet and confirm the validity of its claims. Command:  The buck stops with you.  A Major, a Captain and three Sergeants have been assigned to this Marines:  Several SG security teams have been allocated for the safety of all noncombat personnel. Medical:  Two field medics and Doctor Fraser’s assistant in the capacity of trauma surgeon. Archaeologists:  Three to five Archaeologists, all trained in linguistics. All as per the Stargate universe, standard SG uniforms for all characters.  However, phys-reps relevant to your character class are advised.  In particular, Archaeologists are strongly encouraged to carry with them a notebook and pen at minimum. We’re using simple skirmish rules. Please carry weapons that will do a single point of damage per shot only.  Archaeologists and Surgeon to carry small arms only, all others – including combat medics – can use SMGs.  PMRs for all players (please). Medical system:   TBC NPC’s Yes please!  Contact us for further information regarding costumes. SUNDAY EVENING: farScape : the beginning of the end (by Eddie King) The TV show Farscape told of the adventures of the Earth astronaut John Crichton. John had an idea that by using Earth’s gravity he could sling-shot around the planet and travel faster than anyone had done before. Everything was going as planned when his trajectory shot him through a wormhole to the other side of the universe. Emerging from the wormhole John found himself in a vast new universe of aliens, Muppets and spaceships.  There are two main powers in this part of the galaxy. The Peacekeepers, were formed five thousand years ago to police the galaxy and stop the countless number of planets and races from warring with each other.  Over many years power has corrupted them and they now see themselves as above all others’ judgement. The Peacekeeper Empire stretches out over the majority of the galaxy. Most planets join them freely or are eventually coerced. Two prominent figures in the Peacekeeper Empire are Grayza and Scorpius. Commandant Mele-On Grayzais cool, self-confident and relentlessly dogged in the pursuit of her goals. She is always looking for the nextgreat weapon she can utilise and John Crichton’s wormhole ‘weapon’ is what she currently prizes most highly. Scorpius works for the Peacekeeper military, but only so far as working for them will serve his own nefarious purposes. His single minded mission: to develop a means to control the generation, and travel potential of the natural space phenomenon known as wormholes. The other main power in the galaxy are the Scarren. A formidable opponent for the Peacekeeper Empire, they too desire galactic domination and wormhole weaponry. Little is known about the Scarren race or their origins but there appear to be several different breeds of Scarren. Their gene splicing programs took selected races and tried to breed their own species, resulting in the creation of three different forms of Scarren. The first are the upper caste Scarrens. The second is the agent or bodyguard Scarren. They possess powers which they can use for interrogation and persuasion. The third Scarren genotype is the foot solder. Their appearance remains uncertain to other races due to their style of full body armour. There is space between the Peacekeeper and Scarren Empires known as the Uncharted Territories. It is here that smugglers and all kinds of criminals are able to hide from Peacekeeper forces. As the name belies, many undiscovered creatures, planets and phenomena lurk out there in the great depths of Uncharted Territory space. Player Briefing: Seven days ago Peacekeeper Command sent a reconnaissance team to a small moon out on the edge of Peacekeeper space and the Uncharted Territories. The planet is uninhabited but for the small group of monks that reside in a monastery set up by their order on the moon thousands of years ago. The order are colloquially known as the Silent Monks as they never speaks communicating only by gestures and sign language. They are easily identified by the silver masks they all wear as part of their order. The small Peacekeeper reconnaissance team were tasked to perform a survey of the moon, collecting mineral samples before reporting back. Command however have heard nothing from them since they departed. You are part of a Peacekeeper squad, dispatched to the aforesaid moon, charged with locating the survey team, retrieving any samples they may have and further investigating the area. Players: Troopers - Black BDU’s with black body armour, helmets and a large weapon. Technicians - Gray overalls with tool belt no guns. Officers - Black BDU’s no body armour/helmet with maybe a splash of red (eg. Red stripe down one side of the top). NPC’s Black BDU’s with black body armour, helmets and a large weapon. The rest will be provided.