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Welcome to your Friday night game which should be a fun, comedy and gently tactical way to start a great weekend. Not so long ago (right now in fact) in a Scout camp not so far away, we gather again for a great (and hopefully dry) Dropzone weekend of fun and monkey business.  Unknown to us all, dark forces have unleashed their evil plan of anti-Dropzone fun and a terrible biological toxin/magical spell/radioactive meteor strike/whatever works for you has taken effect. All of our supplies of beer, pies and bacon sandwiches are destroyed thus turning the local population into the mindless brain nomming undead. There is but one glimmer of hope left for the few hardy survivors. The Harmer Green compound is not only defendable but contains the last known stash of beer, pies and bacon sandwiches. It must be defended at all costs if any of you hope to survive! Player Groups & Costume This is a fast paced game and should allow for every player to play both a survivor and a zombie at different stages. Survivorsdress as you are or show up in civilian clothing. Those starting as zombiesdress just as you are also, but please make the effort to ‘zombie up’ with an old bloody ripped T-shirt or other ‘Halloween’ quickchange costume/mask to easily distinguish yourself from the survivors. Survivor Hits + Ammo A human survivor has only 2 hits! Friendly fire is not your friend! Ammo is very limited. Survivors have only one magazine for their chosen weapon. Weapons with limited ammo (pistol/shotgun) can have reloads up to the equivalent standard 30 round magazine. Ammo Re-Supply Beyond the relative safety of the compound is an air drop containing enough ammo for one new magazine for each survivor. If you dare send your fastestbravest survivors to retrieve it. The airdrop is heavy and takes both hands to carry back. If When your runners get back they must go to each survivor in turn where a touch on the shoulder will signify the handing over of a fresh clip. Zombie Hits & Behaviour. You are the classic George Romero/Walking Dead style slow, shambling undead. Head towards the nearest dinnersurvivor moaning your favourite tune “brains...” You know the deal. Please remember to role-play getting shot with extra stumbling to make it obvious when you have been hit. Standard ‘Tooth & Claw’ monster rules apply. Nom on the player for several seconds before moving on to the next meal. The entire zombie horde will have the same number of hits as the total ammunition supply available to the survivors, divided equally between each zombie player. The Zombie player is then free to use his/her points in any combination they wish. For example with a total of 15 hits you could go in 3 times (2 spawns of 6 hits, one of 3 hits) or 15 times with one hit, the choice is yours. Zombie Re-animation. WhenIf your survivor character becomes dinner, after a 60 second count you will re-animate with 5 hits (TBC) and then cause chaos. If another survivor can make it to you before 60 seconds is up they may deliver the kindest blow i.e simply touch the shoulder as per Tooth & Claw rules. Wildcards. The mystery wildcards will be in play if any survivors of zombies wish to try them.
zombie dawn
Friday Night:
(by Stephen Nash) “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a time of crisis... makes a change. Anubis has risen once more. A frantic scramble to recover the technology of the Ancients has begun. Going back over our files of previously visited worlds has offered up a strong possibility of a planet with un-translated Ancient text.  Planet PS9-432 was visited in the early days of the Stargate program. However later attempts to revisit all proved unsuccessful due to the unique gravitational effects of the planetary system making the Stargate unable to lock. Researchers from SGC and Area 51 calculate that there will be 48 hour window of opportunity to get research teams on and off the planet occurring imminently. Two research teams have been assigned to this mission. SG9 is a established team whilst SG12 have been hastily put together from some of the team’s original members and a multinational group of personnel. With the increased uncertainty due to the long period we were unable to open a gate to PS9-432, a combat support team SG3 has also been assigned as back up. Good luck...” * * * * * (This game is set in the Stargate SG-1 time line after season five towards the beginning of season six) Player Roles, Costume, Weapon Load Out: SG9 - Team Leader (overall command) 2x Technicians, 2x Translators, 1x Medic 1x ADC. Standard olive green uniform with black tac- vest/webbing, side arm or SMG. SG12 - Team Leader (overall 2nd in command) 2x Technicians, 2x Translators, 1x Medic, 1x Surgeon, 1x Xenobiologist . The Team Leader and Medic represent the original SG12 personnel. Mainly standard olive uniform with black tac-vest/webbing, side arm or SMG. SG3 - Team Leader , 1x Medic, 1x NCO with each fire team, (LMG, LAW, Chain gun, etc.) assault rifles, demo charges, squad support weapons, etc. Camo uniform to be decided by players. Further information is available now on the Firefight player forums. Sign up, log in, get into character and get involved! NB - While not compulsory, wear a DOT sensor by preference. It will add to your in-game experience. Please try it. Medical System: We will be using SAMS 4. Thanks once again to Tim Atkinson for designing the system.  Armour Bonuses: Helmet +1, Body armour +1, that’s it! Feel free to wear leg/arm armour, but no extra hits will be given for it. Weapon Guidelines (Repeat, Guidelines): We don’t expect all tag-guns will fit exactly to these specifications. Side Arm - Pistol sized body un-lensed or with small lens and lilac, less than 100m range. 1 point of damage. SMG - MP5 etc sized body un-lensed or with small (25mm or less) lens and lilac, less than 100m range. 1 point of damage. Rifle - Full sized rifle body 25-50mm lens , any emitter, range = whatever, 2 points of damage. Shotgun - Suitable body, un-lensed, lilac or restricted gherkin emitter, range 50m or so, 3 point of damage. Contact: Stephen Nash, Paul Nash on Facebook.  ‘Nasher’ on the Firefight forums. Email: nash.paul@sky.com, stephenwowfan.nash@yahoo.co.uk
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