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From the pages of iconic British Comic, 2000AD, comes the story of the unthinkable, England invaded and occupied by a foreign power. Timeline:  1991 An attempted coup against Russian Head of State Mikhail Gorbachev is successful when a hitherto unknown element from the Volgograd region lends its support to the coup.  As a result, Marshall Vashkov becomes sole leader of a unified Russia which is renamed the Volgan Republic.  The Republic embarks on a massive military build-up. 1992 Vast new reserves of North Sea Oil are discovered off the British coast.  Ken Livingstone becomes leader of the Labour Party and his “True Labour” movement gains momentum amongst the electorate. 1995 Labour led by Ken Livingstone wins a tightly contested election against the Shirley Brown’s Conservatives. 1996 Prime Minister Livingstone orders the removal of all American military bases from the British Isles. 1998 Newly isolationist America completes its withdrawal from Britain, Europe and NATO.  The Volgan Republic suddenly invades across its borders with a speed and decisiveness that by late 1998 see’s it conquer almost of all Europe. 1999 January 1st, 06:00 the Volgan Republic launches an all out offensive against Great Britain with such ferocity and over whelming force that the British Government offers unconditional surrender at 14:00.  The city of Coventry is destroyed in a nuclear strike and the Royal Family are evacuated by air to Canada.  During those early months of occupation, both military and political leaders are executed for crimes against the “People’s Republic of Britain”.  2000 to 2003 The early months of the occupation are tough for the newly conquered people, curfews, brutal sentencing for minor crime, food and fuel rationing.  Resistance attacks begin; former military and intelligence chiefs begin to co-ordinate these attacks from secret bunkers.  Individuals start to make names for themselves, such as the near legendary Bill Savage and Peter Silk, who lead units such as the “Mad Dogs” and “Traitors Gate”.  Slowly over the next several years, resistance begins to give way to acceptance as the British people begin to accept their new Volgan Overlords and their puppet government led by Prime Minister Simon Creepton. 2004 Now. Briefing: YOU are part of the Welwyn resistance unit, known as the "Welwyn Pegasi".  Although quite active in the beginning stages of the occupation, heavy losses in the face of overwhelming odds have broken the backs of most fighters; consequently you are all that's left of the once mighty force.  You haven’t been activated for a while now and you have wondered if the resistance has finally been wiped out.  It was to your surprise that you heard a coded message over the radio, a call to arms that hadn’t been heard in months. Although you normally work in cells, you have all been called together which means it must be serious.  You have been summoned to hear the briefing in the local woods, not too far from the local Volgan command post.  You check your weapon and move out... Arriving in the woods, you nod in acknowledgment at your colleagues, some you know, some not so much.  There is one nervous looking individual, as you gather he looks up; “I think this is everyone”.  He takes out an envelope, sealed orders, rips them open and takes out a sheaf of papers.. PLAYERS: Costume: Civilian clothing only, no camouflage, NOTE: You might want to wear your black combats underneath your civilian clothing but this is no way a requirement for the game. Weaponry: No automatic fire NPC’s: Costume: Black Tactical Weaponry: Anything
INVASION!: A Long Overdue Debt
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Setting - The Starlore Continuum Universe Time Limit – Strictly 3 hours BACKGROUND Calistoga, 2nd planet of the Phanes star system, a former IBMW Corp colony long deserted since the entire population of the planets single small continent perished in a natural disaster. Unknown to the colony’s builders, once each orbit the systems third planet Chronos approaches so close to Calistoga that the two worlds almost collide with devastating results. The colony was plunged into darkness sending the tropical continent into a mini ice age. Calistoga was eventually closed to all traffic by the Protectorate authority who placed Interdiction satellites in orbit to prevent further landings. Today, despite an acute shortage of viable colony worlds, Calistoga is still deemed too dangerous for the millions of refugees of the galactic civil war still living in crowded camps and cramped space stations. Recently a number of Protectorate outposts and deep space vessels have detected an automated transmission from Calistoga. The transmission, using some form of code was sent on a pre-war distress frequency only used by elite units of the Imperial navy. IBMW deny any knowledge of the transmission or the code and offered all assistance to a rescue mission. The Protectorate Authority accepted the offer from the corporate giant as any security systems installed by IBMW on Calistoga may still be active. The Corporate security team are to link up with a detachment of Protectorate Marines and civilian specialists all of whom are travelling on the Fortress Corporation transport vessel Olympus that incidentally had been the first to pick up the signal. THE MISSION Locate the source of the transmission and search for any survivors. This is a race against time as the approach of Chronos will cause massive magnetic storms within hours. The interference will ground any craft still on the surface, marooning the teams to face a frozen doom. PLAYER TEAMS IBMW Corporate Security Like many large corporations IBMW retains a sizable security force to protect its assets around the Empire. ‘Special Reaction Teams’ (SRTs) are on standby at all times and can be deployed at a moments’ notice. Specializing in complex tactical operations, such as hostage rescue, riot control, and urban assaults, they are armed with state of the art weaponry and carry specialized equipment that can include explosive charges, armour, respirators and LTL (Less Than Lethal) weaponry like tear gas, stun guns and anti-personnel chem spays. Leaders/Ranks – Corporate Executive, Watch Commander(Commanding up to 20), Watch Leader (Commanding up to 5). For purposes of the game at least one of each will be required. Costume guidelines – Black/dark grey (Special Forces/SWAT style) with armoured vests, helmets, full harnesses and packs etc. If you have them. The Corporate security team is far from home and has to carry everything with them as there is no back-up team ready and waiting to support them. Corporate Executives will not go anywhere without their suit so dress to impress. Weaponry – SMG Style tactical firearms & Pistols max for the execs. Hits – The greater the armour and apparent load carried – the more hits you will have. Protectorate Marines Protectorate Authorities often transport their troops between the Core worlds and the Protectorate Sectors on the Edge on civilian transports. This provides a level of protection from the Pirate vessels that stalk the deep space transport routes whilst providing low cost troop transport. One such ship, the Olympia, a passenger ship carrying a small contingent of Marines heading for Protectorate Sector 30 has now been diverted to Calistoga. While not ‘Special Forces’ Protectorate Marines consider themselves to be the best of the best. Leaders/Ranks – Unit Leader (Commanding up to 4), Sub Force Leader (Commanding up to 25), Force Leader (Commanding up to 156). For purposes of the game at least one of each rank will be required. Costume guidelines – Classic green/brown pattern, something like US Woodland pattern or ERDL (Lime or Brown) is ideal. Armored vests, helmets, packs (remember a Marine is ready for anything and carries all required equipment with them). Weaponry – Big Guns (nuff said) Hits – The greater the armour and apparent load carried – the more hits you will have. Specialist Team Made up of passengers and crew from the Olympia travelling to various destinations on the edge via a Fortress Corporation colony world in sector 15. The Marine detachment lacked a number of specialist skills that some of the other passengers possessed and it was felt that extra manpower would not go amiss. Like many similar passenger transports, the Olympia is carrying a wide range of citizens from colonists (miners, ranchers & builders), bounty hunters, doctors, pilots, Police (Incl. IPF similar to Federal District Marshals), criminals & technicians. A large number of people join the military in order to see the galaxy while gaining a profession, so your plumber character may still have received firearms training. There is also the option to play a non-human (a droid, Synthetic or artificial) but medical procedure could become an issue without droid techs specialising in Droid Tech (email enquiries regarding non human characters to starlorex@googlemail.com) Leaders/Ranks – Character dependent. Leaders are likely to be ex-military types, members of the Olympia’s own security detail, Police or someone ‘Famed’ for being a leader type. Costume guidelines – The Continuum Universe is very much a space opera type setting in the vein of the Traveller RPG so just think far future. Some worlds have an ‘ethnic’ costume often themed after the name of their home-world but most garments will be dictated by a characters profession. Armour will be limited as members of this team were not expecting to be embarking on a rescue mission into a deep forest so are likely to have light weight armored vests at best and possible other gear appropriate to their character (welding helmets as an example). Weaponry – Whatever your character could get his hands on but the Marines will have tried to confiscate anything larger than an SMG so smaller weaponry only unless you have a way of concealing anything bigger. Hits – Limited to light weight armour. NPCs. Costume - Blacks. RULES A limited version of the Starlore V7 knowledge and skills will be used and surviving characters will earn experience for future ‘Continuum Universe’ games. Players with characters from previous Starlore events are welcome to reprise their characters (please contact me if you no longer have a copy of the character as it may be in the Starlore archive). Skills and Knowledge will provide options and insights. SETTING Set in the year 2499 the Starlore Continuum Universe draws inspiration from various sources like the Traveller RPG, Aliens, Outland,  Moon 44 and books from authors such as Asimov, Heinlein, Scheer and Darlton. Space travel is common place but journeys between sectors can take days or even weeks. Man has invented many things from star drives to artificially intelligent robots, colonised 500 worlds and laid waste to many of them during the Great Galactic War. Character building 1. Choose a category Marine, Civilian etc.(each one is limited). 2. Choose two skills from those listed under Training and Education (either 2 x Training, 2 x Education or one of each) plus any bonus skills. 3. Email your character details to starlorex@googlemail.com to gain bonus information. 4. Character packs will be issued at Dropzone. 5. Pre generated basic characters will be available. 6. All required information will be in the Character packs. SKILLS - Training Please note – Not all skills may be useful on the game & Civilians and Droids get additional free skills. Protectorate Marine IBMW Security Civilian Specialist - Human Civilian Specialist - Droid Interrogation Interrogation Knowledge (free) Knowledge x 2 (free) Portable Welder Ops Portable Welder Ops Interrogation Computer Tech (free) Droid Tech Droid Tech Portable Welder Ops Droid Tech (free) Computer Tech Computer Tech Droid Tech Portable Welder Ops Tech Tech Computer Tech Tech Demolitions Demolitions Demolitions First Aid Chem. Tough Toxin use Knowledge Med Tech First Aid Chem. Tough Tech Doctor Med Tech First Aid Toxin Use Fame* Doctor Med Tech Chem. Tough Doctor Fame* First Aid Med Tech Doctor * Not exactly a skill but your character is famous (or infamous) – only available if advise ahead of the event. Skills - Education Please note – Not all knowledge skills may be useful on the game Knowledge Brief Description Knowledge Brief Description Alien History Vanished non human cultures Entomology Insects Anatomy Structure of the body Escapology Freeing oneself from constraints Archaeology Material remains of the past. Ethology Animal behavior Astronautics Space flight. Iconography Drawing symbols / icons; symbols Climatology Climate Ktenology Science of putting people to death Concealment To hide an object Xenobiology Theory of alien anatomy
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