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“Listen up geezers, I've just overheard  Mickey "the mute" Bobbins talking in the local boozer. He's saying that the secure deposit storage in the local town is having problems with its alarm system, it's gona be down  until Monday while they wait for the man to come and fix it. So here's the plan, we get there on Friday night and do a blagging before anyone else has a chance to take advantage of the business opportunity.  easy money! Oh, there is a problem though, the locks on the deposit boxes are  real hi tech, were gonna have to get them to the locksmiths in order  to get those bad boys open and even then the lock might be too hard for some of the smiths to work on, so we might have to visit a few of them before we find a locksmith who knows what he's doing. it shouldn't be too much of a problem though. “ Teams of 5 or 6,  costume is up to the players, be it an organisation from out of town, local bent police or a group of clergy desperate to save the children's home from closure  etc. 6 hits for players, + bonus hit points for an entertaining group theme/costume. Medical system will be a time delay  + a cost that will be subtracted from the amount  of swag the team ends up with,  at the end of the game, a tally of how much the gangs have will be made and the gang with the most swag gets away scot free while the others face a long stretch in nick  :?)
The Blagging
Friday Night:
This is the countdown to the Apocalypse. We stand at the threshold of the End Times, when humans will become as one with the Great Old Ones, killing and hurting and revelling in pain and violence for the sheer joy of it. Soon, the stars will come right and the Great Old Ones will rise and humanity’s brief time on the stage will come to an end. But maybe the darkness can be held back for a little longer. Not forever, maybe not for long, but maybe long enough to prepare some kind of defence against the Things in the Outer Dark. This is the job of PISCES, a government organisation tasked with protecting Britain from a range of paranormal threats. Officially founded during the Second World War, it is known by a number of names and has its roots in the dying years of the 19th Century. PISCES personnel may be computer experts, sorcerers, psychics, cat burglars or some combination of all these and more. When extra firepower is required, they are aided by the long-suffering men and women of 2nd Battalion, Borsetshire Light Infantry. The story begins in the middle of the action. An operation to recover a potentially powerful artefact has gone sour and it’s up to the back-up teams to retrieve the situation! The game will run over a whole day at Dropzone 2013, broken into 3 segments with breaks in between. The breaks are to allow crew to get fed and watered, and to give time for changes of props and set dressing. The setting and story take their inspiration from H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, from the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game, the Delta Green game and short stories and from Charles Stross’ “Laundry Files” series of novels. The ideas from these works have been adapted for the purposes of the game so players should not take the information in them as canon. Player Groups 1) Military: These are the brave men and women of the Borsetshire Light Infantry. As a unit of the British Army, they will wear DPM. If you don’t have DPM then American Woodland will do. They can wear helmets and body armour (if you have them) and carry assault rifles plus a sidearm if desired. Snipers or support weapon specialists will need to buy the appropriate skill (see below).This group should include an officer, a couple of NCOs, a demolitions expert and some medics. All military personnel get Pistol, Rifle and First Aid skill for free. 2) PISCES: These are civilian specialists in occult countermeasures, and will dress according to inclination. Scientists would probably tend toward sensible field kit. Hackers see themselves as rebels against authority so would tend to dress casually. Warlocks are somewhat old-fashioned and inclined to the theatrical. However, this is just a suggestion – anything that’s not full camo will be fine. Body armour may be worn if you have it. Armament is usually restricted to a pistol. Anything larger will require spending the required skill points. The Pistol, First Aid, and one Modern Language skills are free Players who are going to be returning characters can, if they wish, re-arrange their skill sets as the list and points cost has changed since the previous game. Characters and Skills All characters will be members of PISCES or its attached military unit, 2nd Battalion Borsetshire Light Infantry. Although not mandatory, you should give your character a name and some back story. These can add to the role-playing aspects of the game. The back-story would include some personal history and how you came to be involved with PISCES. Keep it simple – don’t give yourself several pages of fictional autobiography to memorise! All characters will have followed one of the available career paths. These are Military, Scientist, Hacker and Warlock. The career path will influence what skills your character has, as the points cost of skills varies by career. The Military path is intended for players intending to play as BLI. Combat relevant skills are cheap for this path, while occult and scientific skills are more expensive. Scientists are people who make systematic studies of particular subject areas. This may include the sciences we are familiar with, such as chemistry or forensics, but also things like xenobiology, alien technology, hyperdimensional mathematics or xenolinguistics. Hackers have computer technology as their principal area of expertise. Since much sorcerous lore can be expressed as computer algorithms, their skills may include things like computational demonology alongside more traditional IT abilities. Warlocks have an innate grasp of the occult. They are able to carry out rituals, such as summoning or banishments without the aid of modern occult technology. The results may be less predictable, however. They are also more likely to have certain paranormal abilities such as precognition or telepathy. You have 4 skill points to spend on skills for your character. Some skills have a zero cost, either for a particular path or for all paths. Skills and Points Cost Table Skill Military Scientist Hacker Warlock Pistol 0 0 0 0 Assault Rifle 0 2 2 3 Sniper 1 3 3 3 Support/Heavy Weapon 2 3 3 3 Demolition 1 3 3 3 Lock Pick 1 2 1 2 Foil Restraints 1 2 1 1 First Aid 0 0 0 0 Medic 1 1 1 2 Medicine 2 1 2 3 Science 2 1 2 2 Weird Science 3 1 2 2 Computer Programming 3 1 1 2 Computer Hacking 3 2 1 3 Computational Demonology 3 3 1 2 Sorcery 4 3 2 1 Necromancy 5 5 5 3 Mythos Lore 2 1 1 1 Precognition 2 3 2 1 Telepathy 3 3 2 2 Detect Lie 2 3 2 2 Divination 3 3 2 1 Ancient Languages 3 2 2 1 Modern Languages 1 1 1 1 Skills Pistol.  All PISCES field personnel have been trained to use a handgun for self-defence. Assault Rifle. This skill allows the use of assault rifles, submachine guns and machine pistols. Sniper.  This skill is required to use a sniper rifle. Support/Heavy Weapon.  Heavy machine guns, mortars, RPG’s and shoulder-launched missiles all fall into this category. Field guns and missile batteries do not. Demolitions. Enables a character to set a demolition charge, provided they have the materials to hand. The skill also allows the disarming of a simple explosive device. Lock Pick. A simple lock can be picked in a couple of minutes with a hairpin. More complex locks will require more time and specialised equipment. Foil Restraints. A character who has been tied up or handcuffed can escape with 5 minutes of obvious role-playing. First Aid. A first-aider can stabilise a wounded character and slow the rate at which they bleed out. They cannot restore any lost hits. Medic. A medic can treat combat wounds and restore hit points, but cannot cure persistent effects, such as broken limbs. Medicine. This skill allows everything the medic can do, plus persistent effects can be removed. Disease and symptoms of poisoning can also be recognised Science. This is knowledge of conventional sciences, i.e. chemistry, physics, biology, earth sciences, mathematics. Choose a broad field of study, and a couple of specialisations within it. Weird Science. This is science as we don’t know it. It will include xenobiology, xenolinguistics, parapsychology, non-human technology, hyperdimensional mathematics and such like. Computer Programming. Everyone is assumed to be able to use a computer. This skill represents the ability to write complex programs for a variety of platforms, from a supercomputer to a smartphone. Computer Hacking. This represents the ability to by-pass computer security protocols, to extract encrypted information, implant a virus, or otherwise take control of a computer system. Computational Demonology. This is mainly a research skill which is used to discover and develop new spells, particularly those which can be incorporated into portable technology. Sorcery.  The sorcerer is able to carry out summonings and banishments, open and close Gates, and set and neutralise Wards. A hacker manipulates sorcery through his technology, whereas a warlock needs a few ritual objects and the power of his will. Costs marbles to use, number depending on level of spell. Necromancy. This is power over the dead. A necromancer can speak to the soul of someone recently departed. They can also re-animate the once-living and command them to their bidding. The practice of necromancy is banned under international occult conventions. Mythos Lore. You have a basic idea of what’s really out there. You will be able to recognise some of the entities that you encounter. Precognition.  This psychic ability gives a hazy glimpse of the future. The visions are nearly always ambiguous and can only be invoked 3 times in a 24 hour period. (Requires referee and costs 1 marble to use) Telepathy. A psychic ability which allows the telepath to read another’s thoughts. The telepath needs to be within easy conversational distance from the target. The ability is quite exhausting to use so can only be done 3 times in a 24 hour period. It seldom works on non- humans and can be detected if attempted on another telepath. Costs 1 marble to use. Detect lie. This combines a skill with reading body language and expression with a little psychic insight. The user can tell if someone is lying in response to a direct question. It won’t tell you if they’re omitting some of the truth. Costs 1 marble to use Divination. Objects retain psychic echoes of their history and of those who have possessed them for a long time. The diviner can get a sense of this history by holding the object and concentrating on it. Costs 1 marble to use Ancient Languages. This is the ability to read and speak ancient languages such as Babylonian, Ancient Egyptian, Olmec and Old Enochian. Sorcerers will know just enough Old Enochian to cast spells, not enough to hold a conversation with an Elder Thing. You may choose 2 ancient languages with this skill. Modern Languages.  All characters can speak English. They may, if they choose, select one additional modern language at no cost. With the Modern Language skill, they may choose another 2 languages. Medical System We will be using SAMS XP, blue Smartie version. Thanks to Tim Atkinson for designing the system. Additional Game Mechanics 1) Marbles. All characters begin the game with a certain amount of mental resilience, represented by a number of marbles. This resilience is tested when encountering something especially horrific, or when using occult or psychic skills. The marbles should be placed in a pocket on your right. When casting a spell, using a power or meeting an eldritch horror (a ref call), transfer the appropriate number of marbles from your right pocket to your left. When all your marbles have been lost from the right pocket, you are suffering a mental breakdown. Read the instructions in the SAN envelope and choose the affliction that you’re most comfortable to role-play. 2) Challenges. You will all be given a random playing card at the start of the game. At times during the game you may experience a magical effect challenge. First a time freeze will be called, and a property of the playing card will be called (suit, colour, court card, etc). If your card has the property called then you resist the effect. If you fail to resist, you react to the effect as instructed.
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