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May 24 to 27, 2013 Harmer Green Scout Camp
Welcome to Dropzone! Welcome to Dropzone 2013. Following our 20th anniversary in a galaxy far, far away, we come down to earth with a bump. First to (hopefully) foil the machinations of a band of cultists intent on bringing something nasty to Earth from the Outer Darkness and, secondly, to give some nasty Eastern Bloc invaders a serious kicking for being on ‘our manor’. That said, being in the familiar surroundings of modern day Earth doesn’t make it any less dangerous or exciting; (in fact, according to Jon Pertwee it’s the scariest place ever: “Doctor Who was never more terrifying than when set on Earth – it’s far more scary to find a Yeti on your loo in Tooting Bec than it is to fight a rubber monster in outer space”) and the chance to ‘die’ in the cause of victory is still ever present and the stakes are as high as ever! PISCES and British Resistance await – so, grab some civvies, a spell book or a shotgun, and let’s get ready to have some serious fun. As ever, we have equipment to lend if you have none of your own as well as people who are always willing to help you with arranging your own kit.
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