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Friday Night: A Spanner in the Works (by David Harvey, Ros Day and Jasper Hedger) This game is set in the universe of the films The Terminator/Terminator 2 and takes place after Judgement Day during the guerilla war against Skynet. “Skynet have been hitting you hard and things are looking bleak but it may have over reached itself. You have received word that “Colonel” Chester Perry needs all the fighters he can get to take advantage and turn things around, but this window of opportunity won’t be open for long...” Players: Players are going to start in scattered groups of no more than three, you’ll have to assemble and rendezvous with ‘Colonel’ Chester Perry who will then brief you on how you are going to hit Skynet. Costume – a mixture of civilian clothing and combats but no blacks. Weapons – no restrictions but ammunition will be limited. NPCs: Volunteers for NPC duty will require full blacks including gloves and be prepared to wear full face covering (compatible with specs). Please PM the organisers (“David A Harvey”, “Ros Day” & “Jasper”) on the Firefight forum if you are willing to help. Please consult the Dropzone 2012 handbook for more details. Saturday Afternoon: Strictly Total Battle Royale Factor: UK 2012 (by Paul Nash) “At last it’s finally here! Our own Great British version of the hit Japanese game show! Filmed at a secret island location somewhere in the UK and brought to you by that well known cable channel “Drave” sponsors of mayhem. All our lucky contestants are selected from a randomly chosen Jobcentre Plus, relocated whilst under heavy sedation to Battle Royale Island, before being dressed in school uniform in keeping with the “flavour” that made the original Japanese show so distinctive. Other than a few changes to make the programme compliant with current broadcast standards you’ll find the object of the game is the same - the last one alive wins!” Players: Black or Grey trousers with a white shirt as the top layer, school tie (or something that passes for one) school cap or baseball cap with your old school badge on it. In addition a backpack should prove most useful. NPC’s: Strictly Total Battle Royale Factor UK 2012 guards, of whom I will need around 8-ish. Please consult the Dropzone 2012 handbook for further information. Sunday Night: Madness in Nouvion (by Alex Gage and Anthony Barberis) This is an ‘Allo ‘Allo! inspired game, set in WWII occupied France around the café “Le Folie”. In the French Occupied Zone can the Germans keep order? Can the French resistance save the British airmen? Who will get their hands the Fallen Madonna by Van Klomp? Player groups: French Resistance (6) - Civilian clothing - Pistols French Communist Resistance (6) - Civilian clothing - Pistols German 22nd Jäger (6) - Grey/Grey Cammo - Rifles German 61st Lehr (6) - Green/Cammo - Rifles Gestapo (2) - Black clothing (Think Herr Flick) - Pistols NPC’s: Civilian clothing/long coats Once again, please consult the Dropzone 2012 handbook for further information. Saturday Morning/Evening, Sunday Morning/Afternoon: Main Themed Game: Star Wars - Untold Heroes (by Edward King and Richard Dickens) Star Wars: Untold Heroes is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi and also may include elements from the “expanded universe” of Star Wars comic books, novels and video games. The Galaxy is still under the boot of the Evil Empire. Despite striking a great blow for freedom with the destruction of the Death Star, the Rebellion is still on the defensive ruthlessly pursued by the Imperial Fleet. After the narrow escape from the Battle of Hoth the Rebel Alliance is trying to regroup and resupply. As the Empire tightens its fist more Star Systems fall though it’s fingers and popular support for the Rebellion increases. At this turning point in the struggle against the Emperor the Rebellion will find allies in the strangest of places and must seize the chance to defeat the Empire once and for all. In this epic struggle everyone must take their stand against tyranny and these individuals are what history will come to call the untold heroes of the rebellion. Briefing. The game begins at a trading post on the small planet of Ylesia in the Cha Raaba System situated on the outer rim of the Galaxy. As a player it is assumed you will be playing one of the “good guys”, i.e either a member of the Rebel Alliance or someone with pro-alliance sympathies, who has not yet had a chance to join the cause. Within the Star Wars universe there are a multitude of character types you could choose, Farmers, Miners, Business Owners, Traders, Escaped Slaves, Smugglers, ex-Imperials, Pilots, members of the Nobility, Aliens etc, etc any of which could be already a member of the Rebel Alliance. Pretty much anything goes with two major exceptions: 1. Absolutely no Jedi or Force sensitive players in this game. As far as everyone knows the Jedi are all dead and their only continuing influence is in the good luck blessing “may the Force be with you”. 2. No pro-Empire players. If you want to play an evil Imperial minion come join us on the NPC crew! No pro-Empire players. As before, you will need to consult the Dropzone 2012 handbook for more important in depth information about this game - including Player Skills and Character Generation.
Event Schedule: Friday Night A Spanner in the Works Saturday Morning Star Wars Themed Game Saturday Afternoon Total Battle Royale UK Saturday Evening Star Wars Themed Game Sunday Morning Star Wars Themed Game Sunday Afternoon Star Wars Themed Game Sunday Evening Madness in Nouvion