This is a list of documents of relavance to the Laser-Tag LRP hobby, whether old event books, game rules and  other assorted items.  These are here for information only, any rules systems being used an event you are  going to will supercede anything here.  The United Kingdom Laser-Tag Alliance (UKLTA) is the umbrella group that runs and provides insurance for  games run under it’s banner.  For more information on it, please click here.  Constitution  Code of Conduct  Membership form (Online version can be found here)  Goldrush is an ongoing campaign set in the universe of the popular TV series “Firefly”.  Goldrush Downloads  Spartan Designworks design, build and sell a lot of homebrew equipment used across the hobby.  This  includes, Sensors, Guns, Gun circuits, Medic devices, etc. TT Data Sensor Instruction Manual V2.0  TT Gun Circuit Instruction Manual V1.2   Dropzone is an annual event that brings together people from across the country to play a variety of games.  Dropzone Event Booklet 2011  Dropzone Event Booklet 2012  Dropzone Event Booklet 2013  Dropzone Event Booklet 2014  SAMS (Standard Atkinson Medical System) is a mainstay of Laser-Tag LRP in that it provides a relatively  simplistic easy to use system to help resolve medical injuries on a game.  It’s not used by every game run  under UKLTA auspices (Goldrush, for example, uses a quite different system) but it gives an idea as to some of  the methodologies used.  SAMS 7 (Released 2011)  SAMS XP (Released 2007)  “Ad Astra Per Aspera” is a game sourcebook that was an attempt to unify a game universe drawing on several  film and television series, whilst not featuring a comprehensive character generation system, it should be  viewed as a background resource to games set within the “High Frontier” shared universe.  Ad Astra Per Aspera V1.3
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